Great Break Everyone, Let’s Get Back to Work

alternate titles for this post – Morning Sickness Bites, Glad it Appears to be Gone; Hello, Morning (Sickness) Glory; and I Hate Throwing Up

Apparently the creative forces at work within me are a little tied up right now.

Friends Forever and Ever

Two things to tell you this evening.

  1. I’ve had a hard two weeks with morning, noon, night sickness that sometimes comes with pregnancy. It started with nausea and ended with me 6 pounds lighter. Silver lining – I met my May weight loss goal times two (don’t worry, the trend seems to have hit a screeching halt since I have been able to eat again).
  2. I am so unbelievably thankful for my husband and those who have been praying for me.

Usually for me, whatever form of morning sickness I have sticks with me the entire nine months. For those curious, #1 was morning, noon, night can’t keep anything down; #2 was a little nausea in the morning, gone by lunch; and #3 was a little more nausea that sometimes hung around past lunch.

So I am rejoicing in the fact that while I was so sick these past two weeks, Friday seemed to turn a corner for me. I haven’t thrown any food or drink up. Wohoo! And the nausea seems to be minimal.

I can not tell you how thankful I am for those who have told me they were praying for me. This past Wednesday I was laying in bed composing an email plea for prayer to our church’s prayer chain in my head, but since I didn’t have the energy to actually sit at the computer and type it all out, it remained a theoretical plea.

Then today I had at least three people tell me they were praying for me. I checked my Twitter feed and saw that some of my online friends also sent word that they were praying.

I am one blessed woman.

I am so thankful.

God is good.

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  1. I am so sorry you’ve been sick! When I was pregnant with Kiddo I never got sick enough to toss my cookies, but I sure felt like it. I was miserable! I can only imagine how much worse it is when you actually do get sick! I HATE throwing up! I’m so glad things seem to be calming down a bit. : )