Home-Life Related One Words {10 Days of One Word}

10 Days of One Word home lifeAround the holidays people seem to really focus on family. Keep the relationships growing with a focus on your family this year. Or take the year to get your home better organized and get those projects finished.

1. Family

Use 2013 to grow relationships that may have been neglected in the past or simply focus on those most important to you. Children are only children for such a short time. Set a weekly or monthly family night/day. Plan (and take) your first family vacation. Simply take some time each day to hug your kids. Spend some time each day making out with your spouse. What?

2. Time

If you are someone who doesn’t need help with time management, please share your secrets to perfection. Seriously, guest post? If you are like me, time has a way of getting away from you. Purpose to work on that this year. Might I suggest some reading? I’m reading it now.

3. Simple

I am the queen of over-complicating things. Seriously. Aim to simplify your home and your life. Say no. Declutter. Organize what’s left. Find a rhythm that works for your life. Simplify your meal planning. Or make your meal time simple by starting to plan your meals.

4. Fun

I’m sure my kiddos would love if I chose this one. Maybe next year. Actually, my word is related to this, but you’ll have to wait to see what it is. Back to you, maybe you need more fun in your life. Maybe you don’t even remember what fun is like. If so, I’m so sorry. Find it again. It makes life more enjoyable. Laughter does this, too.

5. More

More family time. More time off. More laughter. More food. More moving. More dancing. More money. More…you get the idea.

6. Yes

Tell your kids yes. Say yes to fun. Say yes to new things and ideas. Say yes to real food. Stop finding excuses and say yes.

7. Better

We can always do better. Take steps to turn your bad habits into something better. There’s a saying that goes something like “Good, better, best. Don’t rest til your good is better and your better is best.” Sounds like a good way to be moving forward.

8. Routine

I’ve always viewed routine as stifling to my creative side. Well, that’s the excuse I’ve used to avoid routine like the plague. Learning to find the good in routine this year is part of my goals, resolutions, and such for the year. Find a routine that works for you this year. One that makes your life better.

9. Quiet

If you have kids, you may be laughing at me. I know I am. In all seriousness, teaching my children to value quiet became a priority when our little guy came along last February. Thankfully, they embraced this, although we have never had the daily quiet time I hear many homeschool mamas talk about. Well, not exactly anyways.

For a change of pace, we next look at a few words you DON’T want to use. Don’t miss any of the other posts in the series!

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