I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp – A Review & Giveaway

I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp - A Review and Giveaway

I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp is a book about the glory of God. A refreshingly honest story about what it means to live a life of worship. Jeremy grew up without material goods, but was blessed to be raised by parents who lived a life of faith. He learned by example what it meant to praise God even when you didn’t understand. This would serve him well as he faced what most would call tragic circumstances later in his life.

Jeremy married Melissa on October 21, 2000. She died from ovarian cancer just three months later on February 5, 2001. From this tragedy came some of his most beloved songs, great worship songs about trusting God when you can’t see through your grief. It is one of the most moving books I have ever read. Let me elaborate.

I have always been a fan of Jeremy Camp’s music so I was aware of the songs he mentions in the book. What I didn’t expect was how deeply those songs would touch me once I knew the circumstances surrounding their creation.

This story is more than Jeremy’s testimony of faith. It is the testimony of faithful parents, who raised their imperfect children to see God’s goodness, grace, mercy, and provision EVERYWHERE. It is the testimony of Melissa, who praised God with abandon even as cancer destroyed her body. It is the testimony of Adrienne, who embraced a situation most would run from and came out a better person.

Every page of this book drips with God’s glory. Jeremy takes you through his thoughts as he struggles with his questions, like David in the Psalms. He doesn’t paint a perfect picture of a perfect Christian living a charmed life. You can feel his grief as he mourns Melissa. You can feel his conflict as he struggles with his growing feelings for Adrienne. And you celebrate with him as God begins using his story to touch many, many people.

I found myself in tears many times as God touched my hear through this book. I still am not sure how to comprehend when I started chapter 18 titled “There Will Come a Day” and heard the song “There Will Come a Day” come streaming through the radio in the kitchen. Sometimes God really hammers a point home. 😉

I loved this book so much that I am giving away three copies. Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. eastern on 3/12/13. Easy peasy entry with the Rafflecopter below:

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Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book from Tyndale house for an honest review. All giveaway materials are paid for by me. This post contain an affiliate link.

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  1. I really like “There Will Be a Day.”

  2. Sorry, thought if I hit “leave a comment” it would take me to the comments…now I can’t remember the questions. 😀 Anyway, my 9yo son loves Jeremy Camp and listens to him all the time. This really sounds like such a great book.

    • My kiddos are all about Jeremy Camp these days. We really like his new song called Reckless. The music video for it is pretty awesome.

      • Did you read the book to them? I’m still debating. He’s a very sensitive boy. He does already know the basic story but I wasn’t sure if it might be too intense for him. (He still cries during Courageous even though he’s seen it at least 25 times.) Oh, and his fave song by JC is Mighty to Save.

        • I have not yet. I intend to read it with them or have them read it at some point, probably middle school. It is a clean book and there are no “major sins” dealt with (like drug use or such). It is mostly about following God, no matter where He leads you. My kiddos haven’t seen Courageous yet because it is too intense for them. My kiddos tend to be rather sensitive, too. I would read it for yourself and then decide since you know him best, but my recommendation is that everyone should read it at some point. 😉

  3. I also enjoy his music but don’t know the story behind it. Can’t wait to read this one.

  4. A few of Jeremy Camp’s older songs helped carry me through a difficult time a number of years back. “Enough” was one of them. I’d love to read his story! Thanks.

  5. Love his songs. Would love to read his book.


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