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So today was the second day this week that fell into the “one of those” category. There is something off in our homeschool routine and I think I finally put my finger on it yesterday. Ok, so for that previous sentence to read 100% accurate, I was looking for another “fix” and God brought Matthew 6:33 (Seek ye first the kingdom of God…) back to me. Duh.

Since January 4, I’ve been diligent to keep my prayer and Bible study time. Since February 8, I have been getting up by 6 a.m. I’m gonna pause and let that sink in for a minute. I’ve attempted to start the early morning routine before, but never got past day three. I haven’t gotten up this early regularly EVER. Even in school, I rolled out of bed into some clothes 10 minutes before the bus came at 7:10. So, 6 A.M.!

Ok, done with that.

The best part of getting up early means I am getting quiet time before the kids get up. I’m getting my prayer and Bible time in before the busyness of the day starts. Which is great. The problem is, since I was getting my spiritual filling, I was slacking with Bible time with the kids. And it’s thrown our whole rhythm off.

The most encouraging/convicting/intimidating thing about homeschooling and spending so much time with my children is that my habits are absorbed and mirrored. A fun example, my oldest made herself a checklist one day. A not-so-fun example, my children’s organizational habits. Ha!

The good news, my organizational habits are improving (laundry!). The not-so-good news, the trickle down effect is slow. So I’m facing that one head on.  Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • set some clear benchmarks for their day – grooming, bed made before breakfast; workbooks before lunch; room pick up before bed
  • being consistent with my follow through
  • continue seeking God’s will for our homeschool and daily routines

It is a continual process.

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  1. I have found that getting up before the kids gives me hours more time…even if it is only one hour before them. I don’t feel so bad about cleaning up when they are still asleep.