Lego Picture Books {Building the Ultimate Lego Library}

Building the Ultimate Lego Library #5 - picture books, board books, and sticker storybooks at

Today’s installment of the Building the Ultimate Lego Library series is a round up of Lego picture books. These are fun books that are not leveled like the readers; and are shorter than the chapter books and graphic novels. I’m also including board books and the sticker storybooks. Just guessing your little Lego fans will love these…mine do.

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Lego Picture Books

Lego Duplo Board Books

Other Lego Board Books

Lego Sticker Storybooks

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I’m not a representative of the Lego company or brand. I am simply the mama of a fan and want to share these with you. Lego is not responsible for the content of this blog.

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