Looking Back

I’m enjoying looking back in my gratitude journal to see the ways God blessed me through the year.

47.  Phone calls with my parents

48.  Cooking with Andrew

49.  Bedtime quiet

50.  Joy’s kittens!

51.  Taming Joy’s kittens

52.  Being tired at bedtime

53.  Seeing order in the chaos

54.  Childhood books randomly popping up

55.  No Facebook – electronic peace

56.  Breaking old habits

57.  Creating new habits

58.  Family meetings

59.  When God’s word seems written just for me

60.  Making the devil mad

61.  Getting confirmation that my prayers are being answered

62.  Holding composure during a confrontation

63.  Having courage to speak the truth

64.  Remembering to pray for guidance before an unnerving conversation

65.  Forgiveness

66.  The reminder to stay humble in spirit

67.  Progress of asking questions

68.  Remembering to keep my joy in the midst of chaos and accusations

69.  The privilege of praying for my family

70.  Encouragement for something personal

71.  Hearing Joyful practice the piano

72.  A renewal

73.  Answered prayers!!

74.  Finding a community of believers who share similar passions as our family

75.  Watching my children blossom

76.  Vacation Bible School

77.  Encouragement that I’ve been on target with aspects of our parenting

78.  Reminders that it is only through Christ that I can come close to getting it right

79.  Knowing that my children are making connections with what they are being taught

80.  The right encouragement with frustration hits

81.  Heart of Wisdom teaching approach!

82.  Feeling like all the research, praying, reading, praying, experimenting is finally paying off

83.  finding a way to fit all the pieces together to make our homeschool effective, efficient and fun

84.  Felling the presence of God through my days

85.  Conversations with my children

86.  Children stopping their play to help me fold the laundry simply because they saw me doing it

87.  Tie dying shirts with kids

88.  Watching their excitement and impatience as they dried

89.  Brothers and sisters playing together

90.  Brothers and sisters working together

91.  Watching my children read

92.  Watching Peanut get something right- joy radiates out of this child

93.  Watching the kids ride bikes

94.  A schedule that actually works – keeps me on track, but is flexible – who knew?!

95.  Having my work finished and time for my hobbies and projects

96.  Finally condensing my beads down

97.  Renewed vision for my creative self

98.  God-given passion

And that brings us current, the next batch of blessings will be my most recent writings.  After reading through that, I have some similar entries on my list, but I just take that as par for the course.  Sometimes God needs to point things out to me more than once before I get it.

Ann at The Holy Experience inspired this counting of my blessings and purposing to see the good in life.  You can learn more at her blog:

holy experience

Blessings to you, Vicki

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