Marriage Advice – An Unplanned Post

I had no intentions of writing another post today. Then Kevin commented on my post from yesterday and I remembered to check his blog. Kevin has a pretty awesome blog that I’m new to reading. I’m appreciating his voice.

The post I read today was on husbands leading wives. That phrase alone causes much ruffling of feathers, I’ve noticed. Kevin has a scriptural point of view similar to my husband’s and my own.

Most of what I’ve seen written in regard to the husband’s role as the head of the household seems to focus solely on the wife’s role as the submitter. Period. Woman are to be doormats is the tone I perceived when reading some of these articles. I’ve seen precious few writings that discuss the husband’s responsibility in leading. Kevin’s article is one of those precious few and it’s a good one. Long, but worth it.

While he focuses on the husband, I found several spots encouraging to me as a wife.

“After fifteen years I can say with absolute assurance that nothing (on earth) can move me like the encouragement of my wife. And nothing can injure me like her shame.”

These seem to be words God is breathing in to my life lately. I simply want to do better with speaking encouragement to my husband. It’s easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of life.

Another inspiration for me in this area has been the book A Mom Just Like You by Vickie Farris and Jayme Farris Metzgar. One of the chapters covers keeping marriage a priority in the midst of homeschooling, raising children and maintaining a household. The book covers a lot that encouraged me, but the marriage chapter was a standout for me.

And to conclude this slightly random-feeling post, I’ll leave you with a Sanctus Real video that is one of my favorites:

Speak Your Mind


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  1. I love that song. Recently, we actually had a whole Sunday school lesson on that song!

  2. I think God led to me this post:) I can only view the wife submission in light of the fact that God asks men to love his wife as Christ loved his bride *the church. When both of those work hand-in-hand as GOD intended…miracles are accomplished in the home. Anyone can take scripture out of context, but what GOD intended is this wonderfully designed union. When both submission and Godly love and honor are present…it is a blessed thing:). How easy to forget in the midst of daily living that we must honor our spouse…AND encourage! Thanks so much for the thought…AND your second post of the day.

  3. Jamie, that is awesome!

    Darla, I totally agree with you! I’m blessed that my husband does love me well and doesn’t view me as his doormat. We do work on our union, sometimes it’s hard work, but it is so worth it.