May 28, 2012 Menu Plan {GAPS, grain-free, gluten-free}

So last week we tried some new things. I’ve been trying to make notes on my Pinterest boards regarding the recipes I try, changes I made, what we liked, etc. However I made a “substitution” this week that was horrid and worth sharing here so you do not make the same mistake.

The low-carb pizza crust calls for baking powder, which is not GAPS legal. In most GAPS baking recipes, baking soda is used. Baking soda is NOT interchangeable for baking powder. I repeat, do NOT do it! It leaves you with this nasty burnt flavor in the back of your throat. Grody.

The muffins we tried last week? Those were all great! So great, in fact, that I gained .8lb last week. Um, yeah. I like muffins.

Alrighty, onto this week’s menu.

Dinners (side dishes)

  1. Italian chicken lettuce wraps (cucumber tomato salad)
  2. Slow-cooked cajun-spiced beef roast (roasted brussel sprouts with bacon & carmelized onions, sauteed mushrooms)
  3. GAPS legal grilled cheese & tomato soup
  4. Butternut squash pizza (green beans, applesauce)
  5. Cheesy cauliflower pancakes & zucchini pizza bites
  6. Bacon, lettuce, tomato salad (parmesan drumsticks)
  7. chilled red pepper soup (carrot muffins)


  1. Carrot & fresh ginger soup (GAPS legal banana bread muffins)
  2. Chicken noodle-less soup
  3. Steamed cabbage & chicken legs
  4. Roasted chicken (broccoli)

Breakfast is always yogurt, fruit and eggs.

Snacks & Treats

  1. muffins
  2. Larabars
  3. kiwi, apples, grapefruit

Meal Plan MondayVisit this week’s Menu Plan Monday for more menus.

If you are interested in GAPS legal recipes (or those easily adapted), please check out my Pinterest board – GAPS Legal Recipes. GAPS legal recipes are gluten free, grain free and many are dairy free.

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