My Seed Savers Exchange Garden Seed Order

My 2013 Seed Savers Exchange Garden Seed Order

I thought you might be interested in my seed order from Seed Savers Exchange. We had a bunch of seeds already, but we were missing a few crucial ones, like tomatoes and peppers. You can’t have a garden without those! Well, WE can’t have a garden without those. I guess we could, but that doesn’t seem worth the effort…

I’ll stop rambling now and give you the dirt on our Seed Savers Exchange order.

Did you catch that? “Dirt on our seed order.” I’m so punny. Ha ha. Ahem, pulling myself together here. Seed order. Details.

  1. Black Beauty zucchini
  2. Waltham butternut squash
  3. Beam’s Yellow Pear tomato
  4. German pink tomato
  5. Hillbilly Potato leaf tomato
  6. King of the North pepper
  7. Tequila Sunrise pepper
  8. Orange Bell pepper
  9. Red Iceberg lettuce
  10. Green Oakleaf lettuce
  11. Cherokee Trail bean
  12. Kentucky Wonder bush
  13. Bull’s Blood beet
  14. St. Valery carrot
  15. Cumin
  16. Dill bouquet
  17. Green Husk tomatillo
  18. Zebrune shallot
  19. Long Island brussel sprouts

We have grown numbers 1, 2, 16, 17, and 19 before. Numbers 2-14 are new varieties of things we have grown before. And numbers 15 and 18 are completely new for us. Gardening season is in full swing around here and I couldn’t be more excited!

Are you trying anything new this year?


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