One by One with a Deadline

It is hard to believe that we are starting the 3rd Friday of October. I never believed people when I was a kid, but time really does fly. Also, Ephesians 5:16 and Psalm 90:12 mean more to me now that I realize how easy it is to fritter away the days accomplishing nothing. Oops, did I say that?

I frequently set goals and write to do lists. This helps me check off things, especially those that may not be a pressing daily need, but something that I do want to get done. Earlier this year, I wrote a To Do List for 2012. I have actually been successful in accomplishing some of the goals and am now looking at that looming “deadline” of the new year and slightly panicky and inspired all the same.

Here’s an update:

  • Fabric de-stash – Yeah, not much of this has happened, but with the Christmas gifts I have planned, I should be able to knock this one out still.
  • Blog challenge – Thought I knew what I wanted to do, then changed my mind. Then again. And for a refreshing change of pace, I changed my mind again. I did finally settle on something that’s not really a blog “challenge” per se, but I’m counting it. Why? Because I can, so there.
  • Kid’s wall photos – I actually have the photos on my computer. Now to just edit and have them printed. This will get done!
  • Go camping – Pretty sure this is just gonna happen in our yard, if at all. We did finally replace our tent, so that is a step in the right direction.
  • 25 things on the List – I don’t even know where I stand with this one. But I’m ok with that now.
  • Photo challenge – Yeah, no.
  • Leapin’ Lilies – I’m leaning towards giving this up. I’m finally accepting that this is not God’s will for me in this season of life. At least not in this form.
  • The Dunes – Sadly, this will not be happening.
  • GAPS experiment – Check! It went very well, we are working towards being able to commit to doing it longer term.

So that’s that. Eventually, I will update you on some New things in my life this year. I’m learning not to promise big things with this here blog before they are actually written, being that this blog is the first thing to take a backseat when life gets busy and all.

So how did your new year’s resolutions or goals go this year?

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