ABC’s of Homeschooling Through the Holidays – W is for Washi Tape

Homeschooling Through the Holidays - W is for Washi Tape

It is no secret that I love washi tape, right? Well, today I am taking that love to another blog. I wrote a fun post for Heather's ABC's of Homeschooling Through the Holidays series. I chose W for...wait for it....washi tape!I've put together a quick list of ideas for using washi tape for your holiday gift giving. The best part is, these are so … [Continue]

Kid-Made Washi Tape Ornament – Inspired by Paris: A Book of Shapes

Kid Made Washi Tape Ornaments - Inspired by the board book Paris: A Book of Shapes

My kids love to be crafty. Some more so than others, but occasionally I will hit on a project that they will sit and do for hours. These simple ornaments were just that for two of my four. The third is planning to make hers tomorrow. The fourth isn't very interested at this point, I need to find some Minecraft washi¬†tape or something.This … [Continue]

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial

Fat quarter bag tutorial

I am so excited about today's post. For a long time here on the blog, my top posts have been my sewing tutorial round-ups. I love sewing. I'm not the greatest in the world at it, but I love it.I also really, really love to shop for fabric. That's probably my favorite part of any hobby really. I love all the possibilities. I love imaging all the … [Continue]

Talking to Kids About Sex – Awkward Parenting Moments

Talk to Your Kids About Sex - It doesn't have to be awkward. There is a great resource available to help walk parents through a biblical way to tackle the subject with their kids.

I promise this isn't going to be as awkward as it sounds. Or maybe it is, but that is kind of the point here. What am I blathering on about? Let me get straight to it.For many parents, talking to their kids about sex is one of those uncomfortable subjects that fall into a "necessary evil" category sort of thing. For others, it is no big deal. I … [Continue]

Gifts Kids Can Make

There are lots of reasons to make gifts for your holiday gift giving. Sometimes you can save money, I say sometimes because sometimes you can also spend way too much on fabric or other supplies. What? Is that just me?Making gifts means you can create something just for the person you are giving the gift to. You can make it in their favorite … [Continue]

DIY Washi Tape Gift Bags

DIY Washi Tape Gift Bags - Another simple, but fun way to use washi tape!

Do you like to make gifts? Every year I always start our holiday planning with some lofty goals. Actually, those usually start right after Christmas, when I start with my "Next year, I'm going to work on Christmas throughout the year so I don't get overwhelmed" mantra.Does it happen? So far, no. But I am not dissuaded from making those grand … [Continue]

More Books About Birds

Books About Birds - A book list all about birds!

Remember when I said I had even more bird books on the way from the library? Well, now you get to hear more about them. We enjoyed these, too. I think we will be moving on to another subject though. Mama would like to read about something new.More Books About BirdsYou Nest Here With Me by Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple, Illustrated … [Continue]

Easy Washi Tape Craft – Thank You Card

Easy Washi Tape Craft: Thank You Card

I recently discovered the joy of shopping for washi tape. There are SO many designs and colors, it is amazing. I have curated quite the collection with more on the horizon...hey, just being honest.With this new-found craft supply, I have been busy creating all the washi tape crafts I can think of. Washi tape goes far, let me tell you. I've … [Continue]