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The Picture Smart Bible for K-3: Old Testament - a review from vicki-arnold.com

About Picture Smart Bible

The Picture Smart Bible comes from Picture This! Ministries, founded by Dan and Juanene Peters. The goal of the ministry is to “get people into the inspired, dynamic, life-changing word of God, so that God’s word can become implanted in His people.” They do this because they believe the Bible is the inspired, only infallible word word of God.

This is a mission I can get behind.

The Picture Smart Bible is the original Bible study curriculum and is a comprehensive overview. The study covers history, doctrine, geography, and more. The study is aimed for students in 4th grade to adults. You can purchase The Picture Smart Bible as a printed text, a digital download, on cd, or a combination of the above.

K-3 Picture Smart Bible: Old Testament

Up until early 2014, there was no option for younger students, but Picture This! recently released the study of the Old Testament in The Picture Smart Bible specifically for grades K-3. It can be purchased as a book or a download. I was provided with a free copy of the download so that I could share a review with you lovely people.

Each book of the Old Testament is covered in an overview of 25 lessons. The book gives you an overview of how the study is designed to flow with a breakdown of each component (and why it is used). There is also a section on teaching tips that covers several areas including preparations and how to use it in a classroom setting. There is a chart for the “Power Symbols” and then you dive into the study.

For each lesson, you are given a master copy of the student’s coloring page and then the lesson itself. Each lesson is laid out and you are walked through each component of the page step-by-step. Lesson supplies and optional crafting materials are spelled out. The key people and object of the lesson is also listed so you can reinforce that throughout the lesson.

There is an “orientation” section that gives you wording to give your student an overview of the lesson as you start. The lesson includes an exact script you can use with lots of Bible references, some are specifically marked to be read, others are supportive that you could use for further study (copywork?). The lesson ends with some review questions and a key Bible verse for memorizing.

After the 25 lessons (some books are combined into one lesson), there is a resource section with printable maps, timelines, and other illustrations. The last section contains all of the student pages.

My Review of Picture Smart Bible: Old Testament

I had never heard of the Picture Smart Bible Curriculum before this review. As I’ve read through the text and used it a little (more on that in a minute), I really like it. The lessons aren’t terribly long and the teacher’s script is very easy to use. I go back and forth on whether I like scripts in curriculum, but sometimes it is just nice to have it laid out for you so you can pick it up and go.

I appreciated in the teaching tips that they break the preparation down into parts: spiritual, physical, emotional, and family time. When we do Bible study with our children, it is easy to forget that this is an eternally important matter and we have an enemy who would love for it to not happen.

One downside was that I was unclear whether I was supposed to draw these out on my own (ha!) or simply lead her through her page step-by-step like the lesson has laid out. I chose the latter (in the future, I’ll likely color along with her). You may find it a fun, creative exercise to draw your own.


  • Easy to use format. Lessons laid out step-by-step.
  • Hands-on, especially good for kids who like to color.
  • Option of download or printed book. Download saves space.
  • Illustrations are good. They aren’t too “babyish,” but cartoony enough to be fore kids.
  • The tracing format is good for kids who don’t feel they have drawing skills (like me).
  • It all comes back to Jesus!
  • Helps kids connect the books of the Bible as one, verses just a book of books.


  • Kids who find coloring boring will likely not connect with the coloring page.
  • Download format. I have a love-hate relationship with downloadable books/curriculum. I love how easy it is to store them, but hate how easy it is to forget them.
  • Need a printer. There are not a lot of pages to print, if you only print the student pages and use a tablet or laptop for the directions, there are only 25 pages to print.

My new third grader and I did not get to use this extensively due to some illness and holiday timing issues. However, I have read the curriculum and we will continue using this for her Bible study this coming school year. I think it is a great tool for connecting with your child over the most important book of all time and leading them to the Savior who loves them so much He was willing to die for them.


Picture This! Ministries has generously offered a download copy of K-3 Picture Smart Bible: Old Testament for a giveaway to you lovely folks. Simply fill out the Giveaway Tools widget below and choose the entries you would like. Giveaway ends July 17, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. EST and is open worldwide.

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  1. Wendy Groszkiewicz says

    I found your blog when looking through the PictureSmart Bible, I love their stuff and am glad to see they came out with a younger-grade version! I had tried their original version, but it was too hard for my young kids. I’d love to try the K-3 version! Thank you for sharing your experience with it!