Purposing to Find the Beauty in Everyday


Last Monday I said I was purposing to find the beauty in everyday with my camera for the week. I’m happy to say that I actually remembered to do that a few different days. I’m finding it good on many levels.


It’s good for my soul to seek out the good, pure, lovely and meditate on those.


It’s good for my eye to learn to see things more clearly.


It’s good for my heart to see the precious in the middle of the messes.

188.  Nephews and nieces

189.  Safe roads for travel

190.  Convenient library hours

191.  Children growing in confidence with their reading skills

192.  Walking into a clean toy/school room and knowing I didn’t have to clean the mess that was there prior.

193.  Children getting excited to clean house for guests.

194.  Jobs done right!

195.  A precious pastor and his wife

196.  Fellowship with like-minded believers

197.  Being gently challenged

198.  Little boys wanting to buy penguin movies with his own money

199.  Little boys who say “I want a pet penguin.”

200.  Little sisters enjoying big sister’s sweet attention

201.  An “old-fashioned” thank you note for something small

202.  A reminder that cards can brighten any day

203.  And that is never old-fashioned

204.  Sunshine!

205.  Feeling a need to be in His Word (a deep, pressing desire that one as only heard of but never experienced need)

206.  A growing passion for more

207.  Excitement

208.  Sweet little ones who curl up in bed with me in morning’s light

209.  A quiet household

Here’s to a week of more of the same, but uniquely wonderful, everyday beauty blessings.

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