Random Notes From the Trenches

1. I am no longer pregnant as of six weeks ago. Our sweet baby boy made his way into the world a full two weeks late, but with a quick labor. All is forgiven.

2. A content baby really makes a difference when the rest of you contract a super fun respiratory virus that takes six weeks to get rid of. Super fun, I tell you.

3. Losing all of your baby weight plus 10 more pounds by six weeks after giving birth will be the highlight of a month filled with hacking, tissues and snot. After the snuggly, squishy baby, of course.

4. Spilling an entire glass of water on your computer’s keyboard will result in random keys not working. Important keys like the right shift key and space bar.

5. A newborn + respiratory virus = very few photos of said newborn

6. An impending 30th birthday has a way of making one rather reflective.

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