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Maybe you don’t want to start with Google Reader. Maybe you want to do something different. First let me tell you this, using Google Readers really is easy. Second, let’s move on to some other ways you can follow your favorite blogs, shall we?


Most blogs have an email subscription service. That said, I don’t yet. Oops. Here is an example of one from another blog:









Raising Arrows

If you don’t see a spot to fill in your email address, look for an email symbol like this one:









Meet Penny has both covered.

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive each new post in your email inbox. If you are not receiving new posts, check your spam folder.


This is not as reliable as it once was. With Facebook’s algorithm, you are more than likely not seeing everything the pages you have “liked” are posting. Make sure when you click on the like button, you hover over it and “Show in News Feed” is checked. It will help with this, I’m told. You can also choose to receive notifications from pages you like by checking that option. I am going to experiment with this for a while and then give you a post on how to utilize Facebook better.














Most, not all, bloggers also share their links on Twitter. You could try to follow there. Just know that you may not see all of the posts you are interested in. However, you will also be seeing any pins, updates, or other blog posts that the blogger finds interesting in your feed. If the blogger you are following doesn’t tweet their new posts, moot point. (Related note: I do.)















Browser Bookmarks

You could create a bookmarks folder and store the links to your favorite blogs there:






Then, simply navigate to that folder and click the “open all in tabs” link (or equivalent):







This way you don’t have to type in an URLs and can check each blog for a new post. This option would probably work best if you only follow 3-5 blogs. Any more than that and you will have too many tabs to be opened, only to find the ones that have updated since you last checked.

Honestly, the best and easiest way to follow multiple blogs is a reader. I promise you that it isn’t scary and can be fun. I will even show you how to really work Google Reader to your advantage in a few posts.

Personally, I use Google Reader, follow bloggers on Facebook and Twitter, and even have a couple sent to my email inbox (though this is probably going to change…way too much email coming in). So feel free to mix it up or try something new.

Do you follow blogs another way not listed here?

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