Reading Blogs 101 – Why in the World?


I read blogs. I like reading blogs. I kind of even like writing blogs. So it is kind of important to me that you like to read blogs to. And since I’m on this mission to rule help the world out…ha ha, I jest. I’m not out to rule the world, just the internet.


Some people don’t understand why people read blogs so I’m starting this series out with a list of reasons why people actually like to read blogs. I’m going to toss in a few reasons why people actually like to write blogs, for good measure. Basically, I’m justifying this series by proving to you that I’m not alone in reading blogs and thinking others might like some tips to make it a better experience for everyone. Or crazy.

  • to keep up with friends, family, or people going through similar life situations (food allergies, developmental delays, cancer, homeschooling, divorce, etc.)
  • because they like or know the blogger (hopefully both!)
  • humor
  • information on projects
  • inspiration for taking the road less traveled
  • encouragement for hard days
  • to learn something new
  • entertainment

Why do bloggers blog? I shared my reasons already, so I thought I’d ask a few of my blogging friends to share theirs, in a nutshell.

  • “I blog because I have a insecurities and fears about writing. I don’t want my kids to inherit my issues, so I’m trying to develop my writing skills. I also blog to keep myself accountable with our school lessons and other short term challenges I give myself.” – Becky Marie, For This Season
  • “I blog to save time and money. Does that sound silly? I was “publishing” a family newsletter several times a year and it got to be way more than I could handle and way too expensive to mail to over 100 people. The blog is so much more flexible. I can post anytime and the subscribers get it automatically. I have a few elderly ladies who don’t have internet, so I do print out posts and mail to them occasionally.” – Paulita Jo Fogleman, Fogleman Forerunner
  • “I started my deal blog to share good buys with my family because I was sick of sending and getting a bunch of texts….next thing I knew I had 10,000+ facebook fans and a “job”! I love that I get to work from home saving people money!” – Jessie Alonzo, Moolah Saving Mom

Tomorrow, I’m going to share my favorite blog reading tool with you.

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  1. Fun post. Its neat to see the reasons others blog.