Screen Free Week – Unplugging


I was starting to think that God was leading me to unplug for a set time. It seems God is working on addictions in my life. First we started with chocolate, which is going well. Then I started to realize that my go-to for any spare minute was the computer, rarely the television. So I’m hoping to start retraining my brain to look elsewhere when I have a “free” minute.

Then I came across the post 20 Tips for Screen-Free Week at Simple Kids. Screen-Free week is next week, which is a perfect timing confirmation for myself since I was thinking of going unplugged for Passover, which I will not be so blasphemous as to compare my going unplugged with Christ’s suffering. There is no comparison.

So, I will not be online until the Monday after Easter. I have a couple things scheduled here and on the Vicki Arnold blog Facebook page in that time, but new commenter comments will not be moderated and emails/Facebook messages will not be answered until then.

I have big plans for this week. I decided we will take the week off from school because we are actually AHEAD of schedule. Really not sure how that happened, but I’m liking it.

A few things I’m hoping to accomplish:

1. Fix my laundry room, it looks like a box of clothes (clean and dirty) exploded.

2.  Make bracelets with my kiddos for Project #12 at Craft Hope.

3.  Write out some blog posts that have been swimming in my head for a while. On paper. With a pen.

4.  Tie up all my loose garden ends before we dig into the REAL work of filling/prepping the beds.

5.  Take lots of photographs. Sew several birthday gifts. Make more items for Leapin’ Lilies. Hammer out some details on a project I would like to undertake.

I’m looking forward to a productive and fun week. My son committed today to go three months without playing the Wii. I was impressed he wanted to choose such a long time, but he was sure and I was proud of my boy.

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