See The Light Art Projects: Pointillism Fruit {a review}

Please note that I received this product free of charge to review. All opinions are my own.

See The Light Art Projects: Pointillism Fruit {a review}
About See The Light Art Projects

See The Light is a Christian art curriculum created by Dave and Pat Holt. The curriculum features artists with specialties in a wide variety of techniques; including chalk, crafts, creative lettering, and art history. See The Light products include Art Class, Art Projects, and Bible Stories. You can also purchase gift sets and materials through the company.

The Art Projects feature master artist Pat Knepley. They are for ages 10+ and include 4 lessons on each DVD. The lessons vary from 20 to 30 minutes in length. Each DVD focuses on a single artist and medium. Art history is weaved throughout the lessons and each lesson has a Bible verse connected to the material.

The Art Projects series includes:

  • Paper Jungle focuses on Henri Rousseau and paper.
  • Tiffany Window focuses on Louis Comfort Tiffany and markers.
  • Sunflowers focuses on Vincent Van Gogh and oil pastels.
  • Plus six other artists to draw, paint, and create with.

You can purchase the projects individually for $14.99 each or you can buy the whole set for $99.99. You can also set up a subscription where you receive one project each month for 9 months for the discounted price of $12.50 per month.

Create pointillism pumpkin for a fun fall project!

About Pointillism Fruit

I was asked to choose the Art Project DVD of my choice to review. I chose Pointillism Fruit which focuses on Georges Seurat and uses acrylic paint. Georges Seurat was a revolutionary who created a whole new style based off of my favorite style, impressionism and cutting edge science (chromatography). The style he created was called pointillism. It’s quite fascinating.

The four lessons for Pointillism Fruit are:

  • Color Theory and Initial Drawing
  • Laying Down Base Color
  • Optical Color Mixing
  • Finished Still Life.

You will create a still life of fruit. The required materials are something to paint on (Bristol board or poster board); acrylic paints in pure hues; real or fake fruit; clean cotton swabs; waxy coated paper plates; paper towels; pencil; and eraser.

A review of See The Light Art Project: Pointillism Fruit

Review of Pointillism Fruit

My students are ages 7, 9, and 11. Even though the ages suggested are 10 and up, I decided to give it a try with all of them. I participated as well. The lessons are very easy to follow, are not too long that they lose interest, and the history is actually fun to learn.

The lessons are broken down into manageable steps, though we did run into issues since we watched each lesson and then did our projects. The best way to do this would be to watch the video as you are doing your project so you could pause and go back to information that you missed or want to clarify.

I enjoyed learning about Seurat’s disciplined life and his fascination with how the eye perceives color.

I thought the Bible verses that were chosen fit very nicely with the lessons and Pat did a great job of connecting them with the lesson in her commentary. I also found Pat Knepley to be engaging. My girls liked her clothes, which is kind of a moot point, but hey, I like to do thorough reviews.

We chose to use only one piece of fruit per person. I decided to do this because I thought that three larger-than-life pieces of fruit would be too much for my students’ attention span. They proved me right. I like the fact that we can actually go back and do this again in a year or two and simply add more fruit.

Pricing for the DVD’s seems high to me, unless you consider that you are basically getting 4 weeks of art lessons for $15 (less if you choose other purchase options). Add in the fact that you can have more than one student and it seems pretty reasonable. The local art shop here in town (awesome, by the way) has weekly drawing classes for $10 per class, per student.

Overall, we really enjoyed this project and look forward to trying out some of the others.

Check out our projects, not too shabby, eh?

A review of See The Light Art Project: Pointillism Fruit

My review is only 1 of 50 and not everyone chose Pointillism Fruit, so be sure to check out the See The Light reviews linked up at Mosaic Reviews.

See The Light's Art Project: Pointillism Fruit taught my daughter how to create this!

See The Light’s Art Project: Pointillism Fruit taught my daughter how to create this!

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