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Teach Them Diligently Speaker Sessions

Good grief, I did not realize how difficult it would be for me to pick what sessions I wanted to attend at Teach Them Diligently in Nashville (in less than TWO WEEKS!). If you are considering going, it is not too late to pre-register and save some money. If you are not considering going this year, take a look at the sessions and pray over attending a Teach Them Diligently convention next year. The heart of this convention is discipleship. It is a vision I can fully support and can not wait to attend my first (of hopefully many) event.

Instead of telling you exactly what sessions I will be attending, because I honestly am not 100% sure on some of them (most?). I think the answer to my problem is a temporary cloning of myself, but I really have enough on my plate without trying to figure THAT one out.

Thursday Sessions – Teach Them Diligently Nashville

Thursday is the kick-off day and only has 3 session times. Prayerfully, I will be attending Ken Ham’s and Heidi St. John’s sessions. The third session I am almost 100% certain I am attending will be Jennifer A. Jane‘s session. Her presentation is titled “Bridging the Gap: Creating Community for Families of Children with Special Needs”. We do not have a child with special needs, however it seems that I am encountering more and more parents dealing with this and I would love some practical advice.

Friday Sessions – Teach Them Diligently Nashville

Friday is the first full day of the convention. Here are a few sessions that caught my eye:

  • Jeannie Fulbright: Notebooking: Creativity with a Purpose – We loved Exploring Creation with Astronomy and I am looking more into the notebooking aspect of the curriculum. We did not previously use it, but I think it would fit at least one of my children very well.
  • Rhea Perry: 10 Secrets for Developing a Godly Entrepreneurial Mindset: How My Son Brought My Husband Home from Corporate America in Just 3 Years – This sounds like it is right up my son’s alley. He is quite the entrepreneur, just ask my Mom.
  • Debra Bell: Developing Motivation and Interest in Kids of All Ages – Raising our kids to be self-motivated is a goal here. I need help with this.
  • Israel Wayne:  Homeschooling: Preference or Conviction? – Many homeschool pioneers speak of homeschooling as a calling from God versus a personal choice, and at least one has commented on the difference in this perspective to me. I am interested to hear what Israel has to say (he is a second generation homeschool parent).
  • Hal & Melanie Young: Ballistic Homeschooling: Teaching Boys – Boys. I have two, hence my interest in this session.
  • Heidi St. John: Notebooking and Multi-level Teaching – Did I mention I’m looking into notebooking?
  • Jamerrill Stewart: Running a Proverbs 31 Business While Homeschooling – This is what I am trying to do here.
  • Pam Tebow – She is the keynote speaker Friday evening. Pretty excited about that.

Saturday Sessions -Teach Them Diligently Nashville

Saturday is another full day. It is also the last day. Saturday Sessions that caught my eye:

  • Denise Eide: Nerf Guns and Shaving Cream – Teaching Reading and Spelling to Kids Who Can’t Sit Still – I do not currently need this session, but what a title!
  • Seeds Family Worship:  Making Family Worship Dynamic and Engaging – This is an area our family could use some encouragement and direction in.
  • Sharon Hofer: Releasing Your Child From the Grips of Entertainment – Because, seriously.
  • Debra Bell: Raising an Independent Learner – Did I mention I need help with this?
  • Homeschool Legacy: Raising Leaders One Boy Scout, American Heritage Girl, and 4Her at a Time – Leaders, not followers. That’s the goal. Well, not followers of anyone except Jesus Christ.
  • Israel Wayne: Homeschooling From A Biblical Worldview – If I don’t accomplish this, I fail. Some encouragement in this would be great.
  • Rachael Carman: How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for Your Kids – I want to connect with my children. I want a relationship with them, this starts with my heart.
  • Mitch Smith: Using iPads to Better Your Child’s Education – This just sounds fun to me. I’m kind of an iPad fan. I love my mini!
  • Heidi St. John: The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance – Um, I’m just gonna give you the session title for this one. No witty, insightful commentary here…

So those are the ones that caught my eye, be sure to check out the full session list, there is even a session description in a PDF format that gives more insight into what each session will cover.

Next in my Teach Them Diligently 2013 series, I will be covering some of the various vendors that will be in Nashville.

Teach Them Diligently Convention

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