Shooting Manual – Eddie


What? Didn’t I tell you I lost my mind a couple months ago and brought home another dog?


Meet Eddie. He’s smart. Scary smart. So smart that if he doesn’t get training, he will run around doing whatever he dang well pleases because that is what super, scary smart dogs do. Didn’t you know?

For those keeping track, that is now three dogs for us here. Someone needs to come up with a puppy-eyes vaccine. That is one shot I’ll take. Puppy-eyes joined by big, sweet blue eyes from my womb basically render me a puddle. Which is appropriate since those puppy eyes will do the same on my floor soon after being brought home.

Blessings, Vicki

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  1. Eddie’s adorable…I’d be smitten too. Three fur-kids…I can relate. How can we resist? Great photo! 😉

  2. Thanks! He’s a lot of fun and very sweet.