Shooting Manual – Muffin Experiment


In December I found a Krusteaz muffin mix that I LOVED. It was orange and cranberry. So very good. The problem I have with buying muffin mixes is that they only make one dozen muffins. I know it is cheaper than purchasing pre-made muffins, but I still don’t like to spend $4+ to get two dozen muffins.

So I experimented with my current muffin recipes to try to find a comparable muffin. My blueberry muffin recipe gave me too dry a muffin (which I think about the actual blueberry muffin, too).  Then I tried my banana chocolate chip recipe, sort of. I played very loose with the recipe.

The result was the muffins pictured. They were super yummy, not dead-on the mix, but almost as good.

Now would be the time a good food blogger would share the recipe so you could all join in on the goodness. Well, I’m not a good food blogger evidently. It’s not that I don’t want to share the recipe, it’s that I can’t.

I. Did. Not. Write. It. Down.

Because I would tweak it a little and then write it down. That was the plan. Well, it’s now been more than one minute and I forgot what I did. Doh.

Guess I need to experiment a little more. Darn.

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  1. i have to write it as it developes or the same thing happens to me too!…..must run in the family…..

  2. It must!