Small Business Saturday

In case you didn’t know, today is Small Business Saturday. This started last year and is an initiative to get people thinking about spending some of their holiday shopping budget with small businesses. There is a lot of information out there on why this is so important, so I’ll not re-write them. Instead, I’m going to share some small businesses for you to check out.

As I was looking through my Facebook friends, I realized, I know quite a few small business owners (or soon-to-be). The products and services offered vary quite a bit so I’m choosing a few that have items that are great for gift-giving. I’m also thinking this is going to be regular “theme” here on my blog (if there is such a thing as regularity here, lol). So if you have a small business you would like to have shared, shoot me an email ( and we’ll talk.

Anyways, here are some great small businesses for you to check out:

Lil Vintage & Co. – super cute hair accessories

Fabric Hound – unique, quality fabrics

Sweet Girl Boutique – clothing and accessories for women and girls

Our Blessed Life Designs – hair clip holders, blankets, crayon rolls and more

MisMatched Molly – adorable skirts and dresses

Knitty Twist – knitted cowls, legwarmers, scarves and more

Initial Outfitters by Rebekah Kogelschatz – personalized gifts

Of course there is also always my little shop, Leapin’ Lilies.

What are some of your favorite small businesses?

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  1. Hey- just saw this but thanks for posting the link!

  2. You’re welcome! 🙂