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Spanish for You! is a foreign language curriculum that works for homeschool and traditional classroom settings.


Spanish For You! is a foreign language curriculum created by a teacher (Debbie Annett) who has specialized in teaching Spanish to elementary and middle school students for the last 14 years. She created the program to meet needs that she saw in foreign language curriculums. She wanted it to work for students independently, with a parent, or in a classroom setting. She also knew it needed to be engaging and work for students on multiple levels.

One of the unique aspects of Spanish for You is that the entire text is available on audio files and includes a bonus file of a native speaker, too. This helps parents and students to practice proper pronunciation. This is part of the foundation being laid by the program for a student to learn to speak, read, write, and begin to learn the grammar of Spanish.

Debbie believes the grammar part is especially important. She explains that a student needs to speak and converse, however many students go on to higher level courses to fulfill foreign language requirements so they need to be prepared for that. This program allows them to communicate clearly and then excel in a more traditional learning setting.

The curriculum is geared for grades 3-8, however it is adaptable to include younger students as well.

You can find Spanish For You! on Facebook, too.

The Books

The books are themed, currently Estaciones, Fiestas, and soon, Viajes. Each package includes a softcover book plus several downloads. The downloads are an audio MP3 of the entire book, a free bonus audio file of the book by a native Spanish speaker from Mexico, a 24-30 week lesson guide in PDF format, self-checking worksheets to print as you need, and a set of pictures for making flashcards.

One of her most commonly asked questions was about the “quality” of the drawings. The answer: the pictures are drawn by her daughter.  She chose to go this route for two reasons, she wanted the book to really be for the children and she wanted the curriculum to be affordable. I happen to think they are quite darling.

An important note: Your downloads are only available for 5 days or 120 hours, so you need to download the files when you receive your email notification. For more information on how to use the curriculum, check out the About the Curriculum page.

The Cost

This really is where we homeschoolers zone in on, isn’t it? Spanish For You! is affordable. The package costs $65 for a full year’s study for multiple grade levels (3-8) or $40 for a single level (3-4, 5-6, and 7-8). You may also purchase additional books for $13. Teacher lesson plans are available for the Fiestas book which make turn it into a great option for classroom settings.


Ah, yes, the favorite word of homeschoolers: FREE. First, there are the many games available on their activities page. There are over 50 games available for you to use to make learning Spanish fun! Included are games like charades, words scrambles, bingo, and drawing games. These will be especially helpful if you happen to have a hands-on learner in your homeschool.

Second, she has provided a selection of FREE mini lessons. There is a free vocabulary mini-lesson available for both Fiestas and Estaciones. The other mini-lessons are colors and numbers, the alphabet, words and phrases, and a couple label things around your house mini-lessons.

And finally, there are over 25 FREE worksheets to supplement your Spanish learning.

If you have any questions, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact them directly.

This post is for Mosaic Reviews. Where’s the review, you ask? Well, this blogger made a mistake with the downloads <insert red face here> and Debbie was gracious enough to allow me to write an informational post for you all. To see actual reviews written by bloggers who paid attention…ahem…check out the Mosaic Reviews blog post round-up on Monday.

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