Spring, spring, spring!


Spring is springing around here and I could not be happier to feel warm weather.

I was BAREFOOT yesterday.



Ahem. Sorry.

You may have heard that yesterday brought great weather here. I spent a few hours outside getting some seeds started to put in the greenhouse.

********Note from Author*********

This uber-techie thought she published this post last month. Only when she looked at her posts did she see it had “Draft” next to the title. Well.

So while yesterday was beautiful here, I was sadly not barefoot. However most of the rest of this post would actually apply to yesterday. So there you have it.

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  1. Vicki – in the spirit of “is always 12:00 o clock somewhere” I rejoice with you that your post is refreshing whether it was rainy for the reader and it upifted or it was beautiful and they related – its always a good time. Thanks for hitting “publish” when it seemed a bit late. May God bless you with many awesome days to go barefoot