12 Books About Gardening for Kids

12 Books About Gardening For Kids on Vicki-Arnold.com

Gardening is kind of a big deal around here. We work to make it work every year. Our kids are getting older and are more of a help with the maintenance a garden requires. They actually love to water the plants and work along side us…usually.

This week for our alphabet activities, we read books about gardening. I’m going to share the picture books and kids’ nonfiction books here. If you are interested in books for teens and adults, check out my post over at The Library Adventure – 11 Gardening Books for Beginner to Advanced Gardeners.

If you’d like to dive a little deeper into this, check out my friend Tara’s Garden unit study.

Garden Picture Books

  • Vegetable Garden by Douglas Florian (Easy Florian) – Simple text with bright, bold illustrations.
  • One Potato: A Counting Book of Potato Prints by Diana Pomeroy (Easy Pomeroy) – This book has quite the country feel to it. There is a section in the back telling you how to do your own potato prints.
  • Our Community Garden by Barbar Pollak (Easy Pollak) – I like how this book makes the connection between the plants in the garden with actual meals kids eat.
  • The Imaginary Garden by Andrew Larsen (Easy Larsen) – Lovely illustrations in this story about a girl and her grandfather.
  • Secrets of the Garden by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld (Easy Zoehfeld) – There is a lot of info snuck in this fun book about a girl and her family’s garden.
  • The Gardener by Sarah Stewart (Easy Stewart) – Lydia Grace moves to the city to live with her uncle and help in his bakery, but she dreams of gardens and works to make that dream a reality in the dreary city. Told in letters from Lydia Grace to various family members.

Gardening Nonfiction Books for Kids


31 Books About Flowers – F is for Flower

31 Books About Flowers - Art, Poetry, History, Science, and Picture books from Vicki-Arnold.com

Flowers are on our minds here, we are (im)patiently waiting to see our first spring flowers. Well, technically, I guess we’ve seen them, but crocuses will bloom in the snow, so they don’t count. I’m waiting for the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths.

One of my favorite spring time traditions is to take photo of my Mom’s daffodils and the rest of the flowers growing in our little corner of the world. Flowers make me happy. And I had a blast getting these books from the library. I am still waiting on a couple of these to get here, apparently lots of people are excited about flowers right now.

31 Books About Flowers

Art Books

Poetry Book

History Books

Geography Books

Science Books

Flower Picture Books

  • Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes (Easy Henkes) – A sweet story about a mouse named Chrysanthemum.
  • Plantzilla by Jerdine Nolen (j Fiction Nolen) – A young boy takes home his class’s pet plant for the summer and then writes letters to his teacher about their escapades.
  • The Boy Who Grew Flowers by Jen Wojtowicz (j Fiction Wojtowicz) – The Bowagons are a strange bunch, but this is a sweet story.
  • The Falling Flowers by Jennifer B. Reed (Easy Reed) – A sweet story about a girl and her grandmother set in Japan.
  • Xochitl and the Flowers by Jorge Argueta (jS A Fiction Argueta) – I’m not sure what this classification means, but the book is bi-lingual. The story is told in both English and Spanish.
  • The Empty Pot by Demi (Easy Demi) – Sweet Ping has a gift that one day seems to fail him, but he learns that honesty is the best policy.
  • The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle (Easy Carle) – Follow a tiny seed on a journey through the year.
  • Miss Rumphius story and pictures by Barbara Cooney (Easy Cooney) – A story that shows that one person can make a difference, courtesy of the Lupine Lady.
  • Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert (Easy Ehlert) – A classic and I can see why. My girls loved this book.


E is for Egg – Alphabet Activities for All Ages

E is for Eggs - Alphabet Activities for All Ages - a fun, egg-centered book list from Vicki-Arnold.com

We have reached the letter E in our alphabet studies. This one was a fun one to find books for. There are a lot of different ways you can approach eggs. I hope you enjoy the books as much as I did. I think my kids liked them, too.

We had some beautiful weather here this week and that trumped a lot of our planned activities. After a record snowy and cold winter, plus the threat of more snow this week, we NEEDED to be outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. It did us all good.

Oh, and “coincidentally,” our chickens started laying again last week. We have been enjoying fresh eggs again. The simple things in life bring great joy.

E is for Egg Book List

Picture Books About Eggs

  • The Talking Eggs by Robert D. San Souci (j398.2 qS229t 1989) – This is a folktale. It’s, um, interesting.
  • Little Grunt and the Big Egg: a Prehistoric Fairy Tale by Tomie dePaola (Easy De Paola) – A cute story about a boy and his pet, who hatches from an egg.
  • Scrambled Eggs Super! by Dr. Seuss (Easy Seuss) – It’s Dr. Seuss, do you need more?
  • The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs by Mairi Mackinnon (Easy Mackinnon) – This is a retelling of Aesop’s fable. It is a level three Usborne reader.
  • Ollie’s Easter Eggs by Olivier Dunrea (Easy Dunrea) – We love this book series, the goslings are adorable and the stories are always cute, fun, and quick reads.
  • Ten Eggs in a Nest by Marilyn Sadler (Easy Sadler) – This is a sweet story about a rooster and hen who become first time parents.
  • Dora’s Eggs by Julie Sykes (Easy Sykes) – Nope, not the explorer Dora. This is about a hen named Dora.

Books About Animals Who Lay Eggs

We really could have added more animals and books to this list, but there is only so much library book weight that my shoulder can carry!

  • Eggs by Marilyn Singer, Illustrated by Emma Stevenson (j591.468 S617 2008) – The illustrations in this book are lovely.
  • A Nest Full of Eggs by Priscilla Belz Jenkins (j598.842 qJ52 1995) – Some children study and wait for the nest of robin’s eggs to hatch outside their window.
  • Egg to Robin by Oliver S. Owen (j598.842 qO97 1994) – This is also about robins, but is illustrated with photographs. (Not the cover photo on Amazon)
  • It’s a Hummingbird’s Life by Irene Kelly (j598.764 K29 2003) – A neat book about my favorite bird.
  • Butterfly Eggs by Helen Frost (j595.789146 F939 1999) – All about butterfly eggs. I had no idea there were so many kinds!
  • Who Lays Eggs? by Karen Latchana Kenney (j591.468 K36 2011) – An interesting, short read on the details of different egg-laying creatures.

Books About Eating Eggs

  • Eggs by Jodi Liano (641.675L693 2010) – There’s a lot of different ways to eat eggs beyond fried, scrambled, and boiled. I love cookbooks with photographs, this one has a decent amount.
  • What’s for Lunch? Eggs by Claire Llewellyn (j641.375 L791 1999) – A book on the nutritional value of eggs and where they come from.
  • Eggs by Michel Roux (641.675 R871 2005) – A wide variety of recipes in this book, accompanied by beautiful photography, and more background and cooking information.

Other Egg Books

  • Eggs: Poems by Fanny Howe (811.54 H855e) – This is one for the older student. It’s different, but if you like to read poetry, you may find it to be a good read. Note: there is a poem in here titled eggs, but that is really the extent of its connection to our theme.
  • You Can Draw Zoo Animals by Jannie Ho (j743.6 qH678 2011) – There are several egg-laying animals to try drawing in this book.
  • Eggs 1 2 3 Who will the babies be? by Janet Halfmann (Easy Halfmann) – This concept book is illustrated beautifully. It is also a lift-the-flap type book, but they are large and regular paper. So you don’t want to leave your toddler alone with this book.
  • Decorating Eggs: Exquisite Designs with Wax and Dye by Jane Pollak (745.5944 qP771 1996) – This instructional book is way out of our crafting league, but it is fascinating to see the process behind these exquisite eggs.

E is for Egg Activities

A few egg activities that we either did or will get to now that the weather has turned icky again:

  • Naked egg experiment – I have had this on my to do list for a LONG time. Watch my Instagram feed to see the results when we finally get around to it. Hint: it will be after I can pick up some cheap eggs from the grocery store. No way I’m wasting some of our fresh beauties.
  • Do some cooking – See above for some cookbook ideas.
  • Decorate some eggs – I have been wanting to try dying eggs with natural dyes for a long time, too. I found two great posts to help with this, from Simple Bites and The SITS Girls.

E is for Egg Printable

I know you all were sorely disappointed to not have a printable for the letter D, so I made sure to include one this week! I made you all a cute little, mini coloring book with some clip art from Little Red’s Clip Art. Check it out!

E is for Egg mini coloring book from Vicki-Arnold.com

Download your E is for Egg mini coloring book today!

D is for Dog Booklist- Alphabet Activities For All Ages

D is for Dog - 15 Books About Man's Best Friend on Vicki-Arnold.com

Life has been kind of crazy around our house. For the last week or so, we’ve been dealing with some sinus issues. We owe a big thanks to the lovely, steady weather we’ve had around here. And, yes, that is sarcasm.

We had a day of weather in the 50’s and after the polar vortex weather of January and most of February, it might as well have been in the 80’s. My kids spent the day running around outside and 3 of the 4 ended up with runny noses the next day. Sigh.

Anyways, you didn’t really come here to read some whiny drivel, did you? No, you came to see what fun alphabet activities we did for D. Well, actually, you may have come for E because that is what is on the schedule for today, but alas, sick kids = less blogging time = no D post the last two weeks.

Can you forgive me?

So this week, I have your D booklist and next week, I will have a post for E. And, Lord willing, it will have some activities with it because I have a science experiment I’d like to do for it, too.

D is for Dog Booklist

Remember, I list the title, author, and include the library call number for the book in parentheses so you can find the titles easily at your local library. You can click on any title link to order the book from Amazon, if you prefer to build your own library. I like to do a little of both. Ok, a lot of both.

Board Books for Toddlers

I had to include this little section because my little guy just loves these books too much to leave them out.

  • Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman (Easy Eastman) – My two year old almost has this one memorized. It’s quite adorable to listen to. We own this little book.
  • Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray (Easy Murray) – This library find will probably be added to our board book collection soon. He loves to point out all the doggies in the book. I love the vintage feel to the illustrations.

Dog Picture Books

These books are fun picture books either about dogs or feature dogs.

  • Dancing Dogs by Philip Ross Norman (Easy Norman) – A fun story about the classic dynamic between dogs and cats. (Not on Amazon.)
  • Don’t Lick the Dog: Making Friends with Dogs by Wendy Wahman (j636.7 qW137 2009) – A silly how-to book on the do’s and don’ts of meeting new dogs.
  • Name That Dog! Puppy Poems from A to Z by Peggy Archer (j811.54 qA672n 2010) – My favorite is the Doberman Pinscher named Thor.
  • Dog Blue by Polly Dunbar (Easy Dunbar) – A sweet story about a boy who loved the color blue and wanted a dog.
  • Boo ABC by J.H. Lee, Photographs by Gretchen LeMaistre (Easy Lee) – A photographic alphabet journey with the “world’s cutest dog” which is a pretty accurate title. My toddler picked it up and kept saying “cute, cute” as he looked at the cover.
  • Hachiko by Pamela S. Turner (j636.700952 T951 2004) – A true story about a loyal dog from Japan.

Non-Fiction Dog Books

These books tend to have more words than pictures, but are still suitable for preschoolers and elementary students.

  • Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships by Pam Flowers (j636.7 F644 2013) – An inspirational book with 11 short stories about loyalty, courage, and compassion.
  • Hero Dogs: Courageous Canines in Action by Donna M. Jackson (j636.7 qJ12 2003) – Lots of stories here of how dogs are helpful in crisis situations.
  • Farm Dogs by Kathryn Clay (j636.7 C619 2013) – A short book with info on the jobs that dogs perform around a farm.
  • Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm by Jon Katz (j636.7 K19 2011) – Kind of a day in the life book told with photos and a fun narrative.
  • Great Pets: Big Dogs by Joyce Hart (j636.7 H325 2008) – Lots of information in this book.
  • Dogs Have Puppies by Emily J. Dolbear (j636.707 D661 2001) – My kids love this series of books (Animals and Their Young) and I do, too. Each book is full of photos of cute baby animals!
  • 101 Adorable Breeds: Dogs by Rachael Hale (636.71 qH163 2008) – 101 breeds, with 101 photos. This is a great book.

Today, that is all I have for you. Maybe in the future I will get the chance to make you a corresponding printable. Have a great time reading about man’s best friend!

Biographies for the Letter C – Alphabet Activites for All Ages

C is for...Biographies for the Letter C from Vicki-Arnold.com

C is for…

As I was perusing the library looking for books to go with our letter of the week, I came across the juvenile biographies section. I decided to see what there was for the letter C, hoping to find someone that had something to do with cats.

As I was looking, I realized what a great selection of biographies there was for the letter C. I didn’t want my kids to miss them simply because they didn’t fit with our chosen C theme of cats.

So, I decided to bring them home anyways. And now I am sharing them with you, along with a printable biography worksheet that you can use with your elementary students. I have kept it basic/generic enough to be able to use with any biography.

Biographies for the Letter C

Biography Printable

You can use this biography worksheet with any biography. It is geared for elementary students, like my kids.

Who Am I? Printable biography worksheet from Vicki-Arnold.com

C is for Cats – Alphabet Activities for All Ages

C is for Cats (Alphabet Activities for All Ages) from Vicki-Arnold.com

Alphabet Activities for All Ages Changes…Sort of

When Becky and I first starting talking about our plans for the Alphabet Activities for All Ages project, we had a particular formula in mind with how are posts would look. Namely, we would be ahead and our posts would look a certain way. We had plans for the activities we would include and life would be peachy keen.

Well, as our school year is progressing, I think I can finally accept something. I am not much of an activities homeschool mom. There, I said it. In our homeschool, we read books. Occasionally out loud (which I’m learning to like), but often we read to ourselves and share the particularly interesting things we think others will enjoy.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because it’s going to effect my Alphabet Activities posts around here. I will still include activities and tell you of the things we did, but you will notice my weekly posts will be predominantly book lists. I do hope you like books. We sure do.

C is for Cats Booklist

My focus this week is on cats, big and small. We have f0ur barn cats that are sweet as can be and my kids love them to pieces. We will be looking at more than domesticated cats this week though.

Books About Wild Cats

The Face to Face series is from National Geographic, which should be a clue as to the quality of the images in the books. These are the types of non-fiction books my son would pour over before he learned to like reading fiction.

Books About Domesticated Cats

  • Amazing Animals: Cats by Christina Wilsdon (j636.8 W746 2009) – Covers all kinds of cat details, lots of photos.
  • Kitten: Watch Me Grow! Photographs by Nancy Sheehan (j636.8 qS541 2000) – Just about every kid I know loves kittens, this book is loaded with photos of them.
  • Dewey: There’s a Cat in the Library by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter (j636.80929 qM998d 2009) – This is a fun story about an abandoned kitten who became the library’s cat.
  • ABC Cats by Kathy Darling (j636.8 qD221 1998) – This fun book takes you through cat breeds from A-Z, with photographs of each one. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have this one either!
  • Hi, Cat! by Ezra Jack Keats (Easy Keats) – Our copy came with an audio CD of the book.

C is for Cats Activities

Some fun cat art, crafts, and activities from around the web:

  • This is something my toddler will like, make a fun little cat out of the letter C
  • We like to make cards. I found a couple samples to show the kids – here and here.
  • My kids like to draw, we have a few drawing books that we may see what different kinds/styles of cats we can come up with.
  • Coloring is something we also enjoy. I found a few coloring pages – one, two, and three.
  • These cat bookmarks are adorable! Being readers, these are must do’s for us.

C is for Cats Printable

I’m really starting to get into making these things! This time I have a C is for Cats handwriting practice worksheet.

C is for Cats Handwriting Page from Vicki-Arnold.comDownload your copy today! It’s free.

B is for Bird – Alphabet Activities for All Ages

B is for Bird - a book list and free printable for Alphabet Activities for All Ages at Vicki-Arnold.com

Hello! Did you miss me last week? I missed me last week…did I just make this awkward? Well, last week Becky talked about how real life gets in the way of our plans sometimes. And that is exactly what happened to me. But it is a new week and we are just going to roll with it.

B is for Bird

The last two weeks with this letter have mostly been books. We have been super busy and the most I could manage was to get “read two bird books” onto the kids portion of our whiteboard daily to do list. See?

You know what cracks me up about that photo? I took it last Friday, fully planning to get that B post written and posted a day late. And now you know my secret to a happy life…learn to laugh at yourself. Seriously.

So now you know why I don’t have a great list of activities for you…we didn’t do any. OH WAIT! We did do some bird watching out our frozen windows. The birds were snuggled into the viburnum outside my bedroom window because it was COLD, with a capital C-O-L-D, here. So they didn’t fly off as we walked up. I felt sorry for them, but they were so fun to study like that.

B is for Bird Book List

Again, the Dewey decimal call number is listed after the book’s title and author in, parentheses and bold texted.

Bird Picture Books

Bird Houses & Feeders

Bird Reference Books

Birding Magazines

We even grabbed a couple bird magazines: Bird Watching and Birds & Blooms. These were fun additions.

Story Books About Birds

These aren’t “educational” so to speak, but they are fun stories about birds.

B is for Bird Coloring Page

I made this fun coloring page with a graphic from Prettygrafik. I also have some fun birdie valentines coming for you tomorrow!

B is for Bird coloring page from Vicki-Arnold.comDownload your B is for Bird coloring page now!

See you next week for more Alphabet Activities for All Ages!

A is for Airplane Week 2 – Alphabet Activities for All Ages

It’s Thursday, which means another round of Alphabet Activities for All Ages! This is week 2 for A is for Airplane. As I promised last week, I have some updates and new things for you! But first, did you see Becky’s post last week on how she keeps all her alphabet learning supplies organized?

A is for Airplane Week 2 - Alphabet Activities for All Ages on Vicki-Arnold.com

A is for Airplane Recap

We enjoyed the books from the library. My personal favorite was Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning! by Patricia Hubbell. It’s a fun, rhyming book. My toddler liked the book, too!

My 5th grader’s favorite was Fly High! The Story of Bessie Coleman by Louise Borden and Mary Kay Kroeger. She read it out loud to me and then again to her siblings. It’s an inspiring story and we were amazed at how far Bessie walked to achieve her dream of being “somebody.”

Reading about Bessie Coleman

As far as activities go, we didn’t do the one I thought would be the most appealing to the kids as a group. My 4th grade son did enjoy making paper planes on his own, though. I think the girls were just “over it.”

They did enjoy drawing airplanes, as you can see:

Airplane drawings by my kiddos!

Airplane Sensory Bin

You may remember that I am pretty new to sensory bins. I want to include sensory bins regularly in our alphabet learning though. This week’s bin was sort of two parts. First I took my bin and added some cotton ball clouds and then put the airplanes from the In The Sky Toob I bought on Amazon. And voila! I had the perfect little ammunition for my toddler to throw around the room. Cotton balls fly well.

Airplane Sensory Bin fun

The second part of our sensory experience was intended to use in the sensory bin with the planes, but that didn’t really work out logistically with five kids wanting to play at once. So the 4 year old got the tub, the older kids got large serving platters, and the toddler got a smaller, deeper plate on his high chair tray once he realized there was fun happening without him. We made cloud dough!

Cloud dough fun!

Overall, we enjoyed learning about the different pilots and we loved the silly stories like Airplanes and Angela’s Airplane. We can’t wait for the next round of books! First, I have a free printable for you!


Free Airplane Memory Matching Game Printable at Vicki-Arnold.comAirplane Memory Matching Game Printable

We haven’t had the chance to play with this yet because I honestly forgot about making it! But I will print two copies of this on cardstock and then laminate it. We’ll use it for basic memory and matching games. You could print this out more than twice and do patterns, too.

Airplane matching memory game from Vicki-Arnold.com

You can download your free airplane matching game, too. (The download does not have the X watermark on it.)

Next week, we will be talking the letter B! Sign up to get my posts in your email so you don’t miss it. I am excited about this theme and think my kids will love it, too.