5 Good Reads on Christian Faith for Moms

It’s time for another round of 5 on the 5th. Seeing as today is Easter Sunday, I have decided to share 5 good reads on Christian faith for moms that I read this past month. I try to focus the Simply Vicki Facebook page on Christian faith each Sunday.

Sort of a setting apart of the day. And a lot like a lot of things, I’m not getting it perfect yet. But if you would like to come hang out with me over on Facebook, I would love that!

5 Good Reads on Christian Faith for Moms |Vicki-Arnold.com

5 Good Reads on Christian Faith for Moms

In no particular order, here are my choices for 5 good reads on Christian faith from March.

A Clean House and a Wasted Life – Tim Challies

If you struggle with housekeeping or keeping a balanced perspective of housekeeping, this is a good read for you.

The Hard Prayers of a Mother – We Are THAT Family

My heart resonates with this post. We are in the thick of the emotional moments these days. A particularly good quote for me – “Or maybe just letting go of our illusion of control never gets easier.”

6 Prayers for the Stubborn Child’s Heart – The Road to 31

I appreciate the author’s pointing out of the good in a stubborn child. It is so easy to miss when you are facing a defiant, stubborn child. Point #3 is very spot on and one that I try to keep at the heart of my parenting for all of my children.

5 Ideas for Ministering to Others Even With Small Children at Home – The Purposeful Mom

This read may be challenging or encouraging to you, it was a bit of both for me. I appreciated the reminder that if I want my children to minister to others, they need to see that happen often. For this, the thing I appreciated most about the article is the list of practical ways to actually do this.

The Most Loving Thing I’ve Done For Our Marriage – Club 31 Women

It is easy to lose focus of what really matters and to find ourselves spinning our wheels in a lot of areas. When we take the time to refocus, everyone benefits. In marriage, I believe she is spot on in her statements here.

Good Reads Saturday – February 16, 2013

Good Reads Saturday

Today I’m only giving you two links because I want you to be sure to read them both. They are about family planning. This seems to be such a divisive topic among Christians. Each article comes from a different perspective, but each shares the same message. I do hope you take the time to read both articles.

Small Family, Large Family, God’s Family :: Get Along Home – Cindy says so many of the things I’ve thought about as I’ve seen discussions (or arguments) over this topic. I’m refraining from giving you another link that is a follow-up, but Blessings and Curses is another good read in the series from Cindy.

To the Parents of “Just One” :: The Homeschool Post – From the perspective of a mom of “just one” earthly child. Read the comments, too.

Have a great Saturday!

Good Reads Saturday – January 26, 2013

Good Reads SaturdayHello again! Can you believe we are already at the last Saturday of January 2013?! Have a blessed Saturday!

Be Fully Persuaded: Peace, Then Provision :: Jennifer A. Janes – God is good, all the time. I love reading, hearing, and telling of how He has been faithful. Go read this post and be blessed.

Building Walls Around My Children :: LaToya Edwads – I love this post inspired by the book of Nehemiah.

How I Almost Crushed Her Willingness to Serve :: Raising Mighty Arrows – Oh. How. I. Relate.

The Power of One Minute :: Many Hats Mommy – Healthy habits can begin with just a minute to spare.

Marriage Minute – Again & Again :: A Classic Housewife in a Modern World – Yes.

Other One Word Resources {10 Days of One Word}

10 Days of One Word resources

Today’s post is full of resources to get you maintain a focus on your One Word. I’ve included blog posts, websites, books, ebooks, and one online class. Not all of these are specific to One Word (actually most aren’t), they are geared to support your in your One Word journey.

Let’s get started.

One Word Resources:

Goal Setting Resources:

Change Resources:

God-Centered Resources:

Personal Character Resources:

Home-Life Resources:

Other Blogger’s One Word for 2013:

Good Reads Saturday – January 5, 2013

Good Reads SaturdayWhoa, totally wrote 2012 in the title. That felt weird. Ahem. On to your Good Reads for today.

Put God Back in Public Schools? :: Adam Hamilton – On one hand, I agree with him. I do not want some random teacher teaching my children about faith. On the other hand, I do not believe that you can delineate the academics from the spiritual without disastrous effects to faith. A good read on this is Ken Ham’s book Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It. Ultimately it comes down to what is being poured into our children daily, the Word of God or a curriculum that removes any mention of Him to avoid offending unbelievers. Hmm, I think I’ll stop there. Maybe I’ll continue in a post.

Redemption and Forgiveness: a Bully Tale (Part One) :: Confessions of a Fraidy Cat – Be sure to read Part Two for an awesome example of God’s grace and answered prayers.

Renewing Our Strength, Part OnePart TwoPart Three :: Homeschooling on Faith and Coffee

Desire to Inspire #16: Praying for Your Blog :: A Royal Daughter – A good read for bloggers who are Christian.

What do you think of the new Good Reads graphic? Also, be sure to check out the blog sidebar, I’ve added a couple Good Read links there, too. Some are “real” books and others are eBooks for your Kindle. If you do not have a Kindle (I currently do not), you can still download them onto your computer or a variety of other devices. Just check out Amazon’s available downloads.

Good Reads Saturday – December 29, 2012

Good Reads Weekend Links @vicki_arnold blog82 Blessings for Kids :: Finding Joy – Children learn by example. Teach your children to be a blessing by blessing them. Grab a sibling and explain what you are doing, it will teach the child to serve his or her siblings and to think outside of themselves. Children who only think of themselves grow into adults who only think of themselves. And that blesses no one.

26 Acts of Kindness :: Red Oak Lane – Inspired by the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

Spending New Years with Kids :: Blessed Beyond a Doubt – My friend Jill has some great ideas here.

What We Eat, Coupons, and a FREE Book :: Granola Mom 4 God – You might enjoy her GAPS related post.

Good Reads Saturday – December 15, 2012

First, can you believe it is December 15th?! Ahem, here are your Good Reads for this week.

Project: Youngest :: Owlhaven – I love this. I’m loving the move towards more positive parenting exposure. Oftentimes the child that is being the most difficult is the one who needs loved on the most.

When You Have Nothing Left to Give :: Well Fed Homestead – Be still my heart, this was exactly what I needed to read when I came across the post. I love (when I notice) how God works like that.

Raising Kids the World Will Hate :: The Village Church –

Christ tells His disciples, “If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” It’s not just John 15:19, either. There are many Scriptures that describe the adversarial relationship that God’s followers will have with those who are not believers.


How to Become a Morning Person :: Michael Hyatt – Laugh if you must, but to some of us, the question “how do I become a morning person?” is a genuine question. I want to be a morning person. There, I said it.

Death of a Mother :: Red and Honey – Motherhood is a great chance to die to self each and every day. This is quite beautifully written.

Won’t you join me?

Good Reads Saturday – December 8, 2012

Welcome to Good Reads Saturday, where I share blog posts I’ve found throughout the week. Today’s posts cover the UN treaty you may have heard about, a beautiful reflection on the importance of motherhood, signs you are glorifying yourself (not God), random acts of kindness, and a post about God’s faithfulness.

Parental Rights and the UN Treaty that Threatens Families :: Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling – Jamerrill has put together a nice post on why you should be concerned about this treaty.

A Mom’s Best Gift to Her Children :: Mom’s Mustard Seeds – Beautifully written post from Rebecca on the importance of motherhood. A good reminder to myself.

5 Signs You Glorify Self :: The Gospel Coalition – Watch out now.

22 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness :: Life by Ashley Pichea

Birds of the Air :: Bohemian Bowmans – If you are looking for inspiration about how God will provide when you obey His guidance, check out this blog. Honestly, I was not sure what to think at first. I’ve struggled with jealousy (um, and judgment) through the months as I’ve followed, but ultimately I’m finding it a good reminder that it doesn’t matter what people (I) think, God will provide how, when, and where He wants when we are obedient to His call.