Good Reads Saturday – December 1, 2012

Ideas for Keeping Our Children in the Word :: Walking Redeemed

Is Motherhood Getting in the Way of Evangelism :: Growing Home

Titus 2: 3-5 and Matthew 28:18-20 are not opposed to each other. However difficult it may be to lead a Bible study with a toddler hanging on your skirt, our primary disciples are not obstacles to Kingdom work. Rather, it is by God’s grace and with his blessing that the faithful instruction of our children will result in a generational legacy of profound impact on the rest of the world.

My point of view exactly. Don’t get me wrong though, I still struggle to maintain it in the day-to-day happenings of life.

Every Page is My Life’s Story :: Arranged by God – I read this relatively new blog from first post to latest post. God has given her a gift of words, her writing is gripping and moving. This is my favorite post (I think, there were so many great ones).

Dear Sweet Mom Who Feels Like She is Failing :: Finding Joy – This is the post that sort of inspired my Dear Guilty Mom post.

2 Ingredient Hot Chocolate in Your Crock Pot :: Creating Naturally – Guess what’s happening in my crock pot this weekend.

Good Reads Saturday – November 10, 2012

Good reads for your weekend reading.When Food Choices ARE a Moral Issue :: Keeper of the Home – I love this. The comments are a good read, too. It is a follow up to a previous post which is also a good read – Food Choices Are Not a Moral Issue.

How I Went From “I Can’t Keep My House Clean!” to “I Got This!” and You Can Too :: Modern Alternative Mama – I needed some inspiration that this can actually happen. (Housework often leaves me feeling like a failure, remember?)

Baby-led Solids :: Modern Alternative Mama – A good read on feeding babies. A fascinating bit that I learned:

If a baby is exclusively breastfed from birth (no supplementation at all), his or her gut will close and begin to mature around 18 weeks. Solids should never be started earlier than this. In babies who are formula fed or who have been supplemented with formula on occasion, it takes even longer for the gut to mature. Using probiotics can help, although breastfeeding is best. The reason that solid foods can’t be started until the gut has closed and matured is that until this time, large, undigested proteins can get from the intestines into the bloodstream, where the body can begin to attack them as foreign invaders, creating an allergic reactions.


Spinach Peppermint Ice Cream :: Granola Mom 4 God – I’m thinking I need to try this soon.

72 Ways to Make the World a Better Place :: Daze of Adventures – A great list of simple ways you can make the world better. You can start today, with no money down!

Good Reads Saturday – November 3, 2012

Good reads for your weekend reading.Casual (Are You Kidding Me?) Friday :: Paracletos blog – The more this is said, the better. We all need to be reminded of it. If God is speaking to you about something regarding this, please listen. One person can make a difference.

Brothers and sisters, I am quite sure that the above figures do not simply reflect the spending patterns of non-Christians. If, as the saying goes, we “vote with our pocketbooks,” what values are we voting for in this case? (By the way, if you want to brood over even scarier figures, take a look at how much has been spent on the various political campaigns since this cycle began. Is there really a shortage of money in the U.S.?)

Ten Helpful Bible Verses for Homeschooling Moms :: Classic Housewife – I’ve been study scriptures lately for encouragement and came across this post I bookmarked a while ago.

5 Things I Hate About Homeschooling (& How I Deal with Them) :: Simple Homeschool – A little more encouragement on the homeschooling front.

For When Your Days are Hard :: Not Consumed – Encouragement for anyone dealing with hard days. As a visual person, I also like her solution.

How to Identify and Use Winter Squash :: Keeper of the Home – Winter squash is available in farmer’s markets still, if you are blessed enough to have one still going on. Try some and consider growing some yourself next year. By the way, pumpkin is a winter squash you probably already know about.

Good Reads Saturday – October 27, 2012

Good reads for your weekend reading.

The Importance of Hospitality :: Bohemian Bowmans – I love having people over. I specifically love feeding people. My love language is food, which I tend to speak with a sugar accent.

Anything But Routine :: Must Love God – October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Please be in prayer for those who have lost a child, both those that you know and those whose pain is hidden. I realize the main focus is on those who lost a child unexpectedly, but I would include those who lost a child through abortion. Simply because it was their “choice” doesn’t mean there was no loss.

What is Washi Tape? :: Cute Tape – I’ve seen tutorials for various washi tape projects floating around, apparently it is pretty popular. Now you can know what it is.

10 Disciplines for Developing a Passion for the Word of God :: Life by Ashley Pichea – Way too many of us struggle with this priority, myself included.

Mom Does Not Act Unbecomingly and Pays No Attention to a Suffered Wrong :: Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling – A look at 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and how to turn it into a prayer for your life.

Good Reads – October 13, 2012

Good reads for your weekend reading.Pssst…Hey, Homeschooler, Is Your Slip Showing? :: Confessions of a Fraidy Cat – Be the salt and light we are called to be, please. Reading the comments to this post will let you know her experiences are not isolated. I’ve heard this many times in a variety of forms over the years. Another related read – Can Coupons be Used Responsibly? Both these articles address a mindset issue in our society.

My Shrinking Circle :: Sam’s Noggin – Thoughts on losing friends for following the path God has put before you. Also a related good read – As For Me and My Blog

Applesauce Spice Custard Cake {GAPS : primal : grain-free : gluten-free} :: Nourished and Nurtured – This sounds (and looks) yummy!

10 Tips for Writing Content Worthy Posts :: Educating Laytons

Are Homeschooled Kids Weird? :: Simple Homeschool -The top photo made me laugh.

Good Reads Saturday – September 29, 2012

Good reads for your weekend reading.

I Don’t Understand :: Notes from the Holler

I bring nothing to the salvation table — the marriage beween Jesus and His church. Nothing. I am helpless, unable to produce any type of work in the sight of the Holy Creator that would make me acceptable to Him or worthy of His love. I can’t provide anything that helps me along the narrow way to salvation. I have absolutely nothing to contribute to my salvation from sin


A Day in the Life: Work-At-Home Mom with 3 Kids (4.5, 3, 1, and pregnant) :: Keeper of the Home – I like posts like this one.

10 Free Math Resources :: Classic Housewife – See also her Math board on Pinterest.

Is Two Pairs of Pants Enough? :: Not Consumed –

Where I used to think that my appearance mattered, I’ve learned that the people who are interested in judging me for what I wear are the exact people that I’m better off not developing a friendship with anyway. Oh, to have learned that as a young girl. Imagine the heartache and money that I could have saved.

How to Make a Rock Necklace (or Bracelet) :: Simple Homemade

Good Reads Saturday – September 15, 2012

Bloggers are People, Too :: Modern Alternative Mama – So much good stuff in this post and it marries well with a post I’m working on. I think my favorite line is this – “Well, I have news for you: Everyone’s biased.  Get used to it.

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life :: Money Saving Mom – I intend to work through these very soon. I could definitely use this.

Backing Up Your Digital Photos :: Ashley Ann Photography – Yeah, wish I would have done this before our hard drive crashed. Would have saved a lot of headache.

Sharing My Supplies With My Kids :: Ashely Ann Photography – A good reminder about fostering creativity in our children.

5 Ways to Build a Pinterest Following with Facebook :: Social Media Examiner – I’ve been reading up on Pinterest lately.

Good Reads Around the Blogosphere {10-21-11}


You’ll excuse that this is actually day later than intended, right? Shew, thanks. I subscribe to a variety of blogs and follow some interesting people on Twitter and Facebook. Through this, I have plenty of blog posts and articles come across my computer screen and since I’m a sharing person, I thought I’d share some with you. No thanks necessary.

Love Your KitchenThe Well-Fed Homestead :: Tips for making the most out of your kitchen. I tend to spend a LOT of time in my kitchen since most of our meals come from scratch. While you are there, you may enjoy the latest post on simplifying your life to make room for real food cooking, too.

Clara Went ShoppingPleasant View Schoolhouse :: I am in love with the dishes she found. I’d love to score a find like this at a thrift store.

Finding a Problem Where There is No Problem – Dooce :: I came across this post via Twitter and thought it was a pretty funny read from a parent’s point-of-view.

Our First Week on the Land, part oneNourishing Days :: I’ve been following Shannon’s blog for a while now. They recently made a long-distance move to start their off-grid homestead. This is the first part of their first week. I’m finding it fascinating so far.

There Are No Words…Under the Sycamore :: This is just too funny. Firecracker sounds like the perfect nickname.

Have a great weekend!