Huge List of Books for Composer Study

HUGE list of books for composer study! Over 75 books organized by time period and composer. There is also a list of bonus activities!

I recently put together a list of resources for teaching music study in your homeschool for Free Homeschool Deals (coming soon). As I was compiling the list of online resources, I thought it might be nice to have a list of some of the many books available for the various composers. Whether you purchase the books or look for them at your local library, they are sure to add depth to your homeschool routine.

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I have divided the composers by time period and most composers have more than one title available. Some of the books come with CD’s with audio files to enjoy as well.

Updated to note: A lovely reader commented with a good reminder that you will always want to preview material before reading it to your children. She specifically noted the first book by Kathleen Krull as having material that some may not consider appropriate for children. Thank you, Heather, for the heads up!

Multiple Composers

Early/Medieval Composers 476-1600

When it comes to medieval times, I could not find more than the one book below that would work for composer study. I did come across a section on called Composers/Musicians of the Middle Ages that had some listed with links to other resources. You may find that interesting.

Guido D’Arezzo

Baroque Composers 1600-1760

Johann Sebastian Bach

George Frideric Handel

Henry Purcell

Antonio Vivaldi

Classical Composers 1730-1820

Joseph Boulogne/Saint-George

Franz Joseph Haydn

Maria Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Nicolo Paganini

Romantic Composers 1815-1910

Ludwig Beethoven

Hector Berlioz

Johann Brahms

Frederic Chopin

Franz Schubert

Robert Schumann

John Philip Sousa

Peter Tchiakovsky

Giuseppe Verdi

Richard Wagner

Twentieth Century Composers 1900-2000

Leonard Bernstein

Aaron Copland

Duke Ellington

George Gershwin

Marvin Hamlisch

Charles Ives

Sergei Prokofiev

Igor Stravinsky

Additional Resources

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