100 Things…Well, Not Exactly…Wait, Yes!

As I’ve been going through my digital files, I realized one of the things I have loved about blogging from the beginning is how a reader can connect with someone they would have never met in daily life and actually get to know them. All through the internet.

On one of my previous blogs, I hit 100 posts and made a 100 things about me post. I’m not going to reprint this in one fell swoop, but I thought you might find some of it interesting.

I used to be funny. Maybe that’s arrogant. Here, try this…my former self makes my present self laugh.

Now you just think I’m weird. You’re right.

Also, I did actually pass 100 posts here on this blog. It just happened when I wasn’t looking and I didn’t feel like it deserved much fanfare this time. Perspectives kind of change overtime. And with that I would like to make a note here about these getting to know me type posts that show up in the “Me” category:

This blog isn’t really about me. This blog is about the life I live serving the God I love. You will see a lot of me around (*cough*title*cough*), but what this blog is really about is a life created to be uniquely mine. I choose to share my struggles, my victories and my questions (well, one day I hope to be brave enough for this one) here with the prayer that God will use what He is doing in my life to touch the life of someone else. In the way that only He can, bringing the right words to the right heart at the right time.

So really, it is not about me. It’s deeper than that.

Oh, and just in case you’re thinking “dude, it’s just a blog!” Do not worry, no big ego-head here. I still wash dirty diapers, dishes, and laundry everyday. I just do it with a tiara now.

And now is the part of the post where I change my mind and go ahead and actually post all 100 things with a wee bit of editing…ahem.

1.    My real name is Victoria.
2.    My Mamaw said Victoria is too big a name for such a little girl, so she called me Vicki.
3.    My Grandma has always called me Victoria until recently. She went straight to Vic. (Hi, Grandma!)
4.    I have a sister who is 2 years and 11 days younger than me.  I was born in March, she in April.
5.    I have two cousins who are also 2 years and 11 days apart.  One born in March, the other in April. Siblings.
6.    My youngest two children are 2 years and 8 days apart, though if one of them had been born on their due dates, they would have been 2 years and 11 days apart. One in April, the other in May.  Neat, huh?
7.    I have a baby brother who is 3 years younger than me.
8.    I still feel fiercely protective of my baby brother.  Deal with it. –> She says to no one in particular.  She likes to sound tough.  She doesn’t really like to use third person when referring to herself.  She will stop.  Right.  Now.
9.    I had a cat named Tom most of when I was growing up.  He was an outside cat, but desperately wanted to be an inside cat.  Every chance he got, he would try to dart past you into the house.  And immediately hide or potty in a houseplant, of course.
10.    We attempted to have a few dogs when I was little.  I only remember Spitz and Scooby, though I couldn’t tell you with 100% certainty what breed either of them were.  Spitz was white and Scooby was golden.
11.    The family that I now co-chair has attempted three cats and two dogs I don’t even know how many cats and four dogs.  We have three cats and one dog currently.
12.    I like the IDEA of pets.  The reality is too hairy and smelly for me.
13.    I am married to an animal lover.
14.    I met my husband when I was 10.
15.    I married my husband when I was 19.
16.    We got married on Sweetest Day.  Awe, I know.
17.    Andrew is my husband.
18.    We only went on one official date.
19.    His brother once asked me out.  And I said yes.  I’m pretty, 100% sure we were both joking.  I look up to him as an older brother.  Have for a long time.
20.    I love my sister-in-law like a sister.
21.    I am younger than my hubby by 1 year and 5 months.
22.    I am not looking forward to 30 the closer it comes. (Update: It’s not so bad.)
23.    I am the proud Mommy to three four sweeties.  Miss J is currently almost six (yes, it is an age, just ask her).  The Little Man is four.  And my baby Little Miss M is two.
24.    My son told me today that he wanted me to change his name to Mud.  Sigh.
25.    I gave birth to this same son in our apartment with my husband.
26.    When I was younger I had a personal cut-off age for having children.  It was 32. (Update: Haha, nope.)
27.    I’ve always wanted to adopt.  Not internationally. (Update: Except that now internationally would be great, too.)
28.    I am random.
29.    I am creative.
30.    My worst flaw is procrastination.
31.    My best flaw is that I wear my heart on my sleeve.
32.    I sometimes have a hard time concentrating on a conversation if I don’t understand what is being talked about or if I’m not interested in the subject.
33.    I am slow-witted.  I leave conversations thinking of the quick comebacks I could have used.
34.    I am mostly glad about that.  It keeps me from running my mouth when I should keep it shut.
35.    I love to write.
36.    I love to blog.  Yes, they are different.
37.    I’m considering querying our local paper about authoring a column. (Update: Haha, nope.)
38.    I doubt my talent.
39.    I do have articles published online.
40.    I love, love, love to read.
41.    I am short, five feet two inches.
42.    I wear flip flops almost daily.
43.    I prefer barefoot.
44.    I graduated high school with a 3.3 GPA on a non-weighted scale.
45.    I went to college briefly.  I spent half a semester at Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame.
46.    I was going to major in elementary education.
47.    I had an early life crisis and left.
48.    I disappointed a lot of people with that decision.
49.    I don’t regret it.  I am only now figuring out who I am and what I want to do with my life.
50.    What I want to do with this season of my life is raise godly, respectable children who love Christ, love others as Christ would have them and understand that there is right and wrong. (Update: Yes, Yes…still yes!)
51.    I work hard to make sure my children feel loved, know they are loved and to model honesty, humility and discipline for my children.
52.    I believe that everything happens for a reason.
53.    I believe life is about choice.  No matter what happens, we always have at least two options.  Even in hardships or situations where we are victimized.
54.    I am pro-life.  I believe that choice is to be made before conception (in most cases).
55.    My favorite time of the year is the Christmas holiday season.
56.    I home-school our children, our oldest is in Kindergarten, middle is Pre-K. (Update: 4th, 3rd, 1st, and baby)
57.    My favorite season is fall.
58.    My favorite color is purple.
59.    My room when I was younger was primary green with mint green trim and our bunk beds were BRIGHT yellow (oh, yes) because my sister didn’t want to agree with me and paint the room purple.  And I’m pretty sure there was a parental veto on the black walls.
60.    Laundry is the bain of my existence.
61.    I like, no love, to talk. (This marked 1,000 words in this post)
62.    My hubby and I ride a motorcycle.
63.    Andrew plays instruments and sings.  I don’t.
64.    I won a couple poetry contests when I was in school.
65.    I love music.
66.    I love music.
67.    I love music.
68.    I sell (Update: nope).
69.    I like to shop.  Oh, yes.
70.    We recently bought a Chevrolet Suburban to replace my purple, two-door Grand Prix as the family go-mobile.
71.    I daydream.  Still.  A lot.
72.    I am dragging my husband to the So You Think You Can Dance tour in October.
73.    My son currently has a no-hawk.  Or mohawk, whichever you prefer.
74.    My favorite song right now is I Will Not Be Moved by Natalie Grant.
75.    My second favorite song is Tears of the Saints by Leeland.
76.    My favorite singer is Andrew.
77.    I don’t have a favorite book, I like all that I’ve read.
78.    My favorite movie right now is Singing In the Rain.  It is also Miss J’s favorite.
79.    My son is obsessed with all things poo-rific.
80.    I have three nieces and two nephews. (Update: soon-to-be 5 and 2.)
81.    When I walk out my front door, my parent’s house is directly to my right.
82.    My brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s house is directly to our left.
83.    Andrew’s parents house is directly behind us, about 1/4 of a mile down the lane.
84.    We built our house in 2005.  Andrew did a huge portion of the work.
85.    I like to plant flower beds.
86.    I like to garden.
87.    I don’t like to weed.
88.    I don’t like humid heat.
89.    My clean jeans were rained on last night.
90.    I love to sew, especially clothes for my kids.
91.    I LOVE to bead and make jewelry.
92.    I have too much stuff.  I’m a reforming pack-rat.
93.    I have attended the same church for four two years now.
94.    I am a born again Christian.
95.    I believe the Bible is the true, indisputable, infallible Word of God.
96.    I don’t read the Bible as much as I should.
97.    I believe prayer brings miracles.
98.    I believe in miracles.
99.    I believe in the Holy Spirit.
100.    I am a humble follower of Christ who strives to be more like Him and less like me everyday.

Dude, if you’re still with me, come over and I’ll make you cookies. Or that might be awkward now that you know so much about me. Um, can I mail them?

Won’t you join me?

Can Anyone Point Me to the Nearest Black Hole?

My children crack me up. They are also growing up way, way too fast. This post is another from my previous blogs. Those of you who know Julia will remember the toddler in this story well. Those of you who don’t know her will wish you did. Seriously, the girl is one of the most awesome people in my life. Her current homeschool assignment is to solve the horrid condition of children growing up too fast. She’s smart, we should have a cure soon.

As I read this, I remember the scene vividly. This is why I’m reprinting these. So I do not lose these precious memories.


This story illustrates my oldest’s personality very well. Yep, another flashback.

My oldest daughter is four and a half years old. She is a very smart girl, well mannered and silly. I love her to pieces. However, the girl “loses” and “can’t find” things more than anyone I’ve ever met. She also has selective sight.

Sometimes I think she might have magical powers. She will have a cup in her hand (usually full of milk) and two seconds later, we can’t find it anywhere in the house. A few days pass and we stumble on the missing cup (now full of curdled milk, very ewww). She still mostly uses a cup with a lid, just for reference purposes.

That said, the funniest of moments came at lunch the other day.

I told the kids to find their cups and have a seat. Julia hops in her seat and starts eating. She looks at me and said, “I’m thirsty.”

I said, “Well, get your cup.”

Not moving an inch, she says, “I can’t find it.’

“Well, then, you’ll be thirsty.”

Now comes a little whine, quickly stopped by a Mommy look. “Look around and see if you can find your cup. I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the kitchen.”

My four year old drama queen proceeds to fling her arm around and say, “Oh, it is? Where?”

She looks under the table, “Is it down here?”

She looks at her brother (quietly drinking out of his cup). She looks at her baby sister in the high chair. She looks at me, “I don’t see it.”

“Ok, another hint. It’s on the table.”

Her face lights up, she flings that arm again, still doesn’t see the cup.

At this point, I am laughing and finally point to the cup. The cup that was sitting directly in front of her the whole time. Dangerously, I might add, since she almost knocked it over twice with that dramatically flailing arm.

Originally posted July 18, 2007 :: Originally re-posted September 6, 2008

You Haven’t Been Here Before…

This is a reprint of a blog post from my original blog, which I then re-posted on my next blog. I’m hoping that this is the last time I change blogs. I do have different (read: more than two) readers so this will be new to most of you.

Also, I clearly remember this trip and there is no way it was five stinkin’ years ago.


I just love this story.

Sidenote- I do realize that it may sound a little weird to comment that I just love this story when I am referring to something I wrote. Just note that it feels weird to write, as well. So, now that we’re both feeling weird, here is the story.

Yesterday we went shopping with my sister, her two kids and our brood. Our first stop was the area’s Gap Clearance Center.

My sister has a boy, 2 1/2 years, and a girl, 9 months. My kids love my sister and their cousins, so any chance they get to be with them, they are right there. Well, my Julia (almost 5) is walking with my sister when a shirt catches her eye. She picks it up and brings it to me. It was a size 3, so it was to small for her and I told her so.

She takes the shirt back to my sister and says, “Here, Aunt Becky.”

Becky looks at her and says, “That’s nice, but I don’t need it.”

Julia says, “But you can buy it.”

Becky says, “I’m not buying a pink shirt for Brandon.”

Julia promptly replies, “You’ve never been here before, have you?”

Originally posted October 13, 2007 :: Originally re-posted September 11, 2008

My Name is Vicki and I Approved This Message

I recently found a couple files with blog posts from my very first blog (it was called Simply Vicki). I thought this was a timely, little funny to share. I’ll be sharing more of these as we go because I think you’ll like them. Here’s the first from fall 2008:

So, the other day, we are cruising our favorite store, Costco.  We stopped to look at the movie section, which is actually a rare thing.  And Miss J sees something at 5-year-old eye-level and says…

“Look it’s John McCain, the guy who says, I approved this message.”

I couldn’t help, but laugh and repeat what she said to hubby.  Looks like she’s noticed the presence of the political ads, doesn’t it?

Girl’s Night In

Tonight my Andrew took Gage to the local speedway to watch a variety of races, including a bus race. So my girlies and I had a small, little girl’s night. We started with a yogurt, strawberry and banana dinner to prepare our gut for the decadence that was dessert.

We ate that as we made dessert and the girls had fun being silly.

And what girl’s night is complete without a babe worth gushing over?

We finished the night by watching a cheesy Disney channel movie on Netflix and enjoying Brownie Batter Parfaits.

I found the recipe via Pinterest. It. Is. Rich. Next time I will add a little extra water to the brownie batter part to make it runnier, as it was, you couldn’t really tell the brownie batter apart from the fudgy brownies in texture. Super awesome, super not good for you, but tasted great.

All in all, a great night.

Who Said They Could Get Big?


She’s turning out to be a great big sister. I never doubted her. Oh and she’s now SIX!


Big eyes.


We celebrated his 8th birthday with a Lego party.




I’m so happy I caught this one.


Check out those yummy cheeks and that cute little chin dimple. He’s now 3 months old. And he sprouted a tooth at 11 weeks. He’s a cute little drool bucket.

Random Notes From the Trenches

1. I am no longer pregnant as of six weeks ago. Our sweet baby boy made his way into the world a full two weeks late, but with a quick labor. All is forgiven.

2. A content baby really makes a difference when the rest of you contract a super fun respiratory virus that takes six weeks to get rid of. Super fun, I tell you.

3. Losing all of your baby weight plus 10 more pounds by six weeks after giving birth will be the highlight of a month filled with hacking, tissues and snot. After the snuggly, squishy baby, of course.

4. Spilling an entire glass of water on your computer’s keyboard will result in random keys not working. Important keys like the right shift key and space bar.

5. A newborn + respiratory virus = very few photos of said newborn

6. An impending 30th birthday has a way of making one rather reflective.

Bleaching Goats

I wonder what kind of search results I will get from that title.

As we returned home from an impromptu shopping trip (went for chicken, $100 later grocery shopping for the week was finished), I heard a couple of our goats bleating in the barn. The girls and I went to check on them. They were fine, just annoyed by their environment. We gave them a little hay, loved on them a bit and headed out of the barn.

We carried some groceries in the house and as we came back out, we could hear them again. To which this cutie –


stated with a dramatic sigh, “Oh great, she’s bleaching again.”

I had not heard the goat yet and was confused, “Huh?”

“She’s bleaching again.” Eyeroll added for emphasis this time.

I hear the goat, “Oooh, the goat!”

“Yeah.” (Insert “duh, mom” look)

“She’s bleating, sweetheart, and it’s ok.”

“Oh, ok.” And off she skips.

I love my little jumpin’ jelly bean.

P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have a new word for 2012, which I’ll share soon.