9 Random Bits from Today


1.  “It’s magical, it will make you dead.” – 5-year-old to her brother.

2.  If you saw the many totes in my laundry room and wondered what was in it, fabric would be correct most of the time.

3.  I bought almost 50 yards of fabric this past weekend and spent less than $100. I love Joanns’ after-Thanksgiving sales.

4.  This past weekend was one of the most refreshing weekends I’ve had in a long time.

5.  Running hot water is highly underrated.

6.  My 5-year-old daughter has approximately 40 million pairs of pajamas while my 9-year-old daughter has 3.

7.  “Ah, you’re dead.” – my son to his little sister. “I’m SPECIAL,” was her response.

8.  Bills are infinitely less stressful if you have the money to pay them.

9.  I like blogging much more when I’m not trying to accomplish something like a regular posting schedule.

I’m having a productive, rainy Monday. How is your day going?

What Parenting is to Me

Nine years ago today, I was impatiently waiting for my first child to be born. She was due on November 9, but decided that was about a week too soon for her. Next week, my oldest turns NINE. It’s funny how we can go from “can’t wait til we outgrow this phase” to “holy crap, where are the brakes on this thing?!” in such a short time.

For me it was the realization that my oldest child will now be halfway through her childhood years (well, legally and I realize that it’s not a magical *poof* now you’re an adult thing, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll stick with 18 being the age of adulthood starting).


Suddenly I’m seeing things that I’ve always looked ahead to staring me in the face.

Suddenly she’s actually help in the kitchen.

Suddenly she’s asking questions that really don’t have a concrete answer. Trying to figure out life.

It’s scary. It’s exciting. It’s humbling.

It’s looking at her and realizing that she’s really studying the things I do, now she’s REALLY paying attention.


It’s hearing the voice of your child calling you on an inconsistency in your words and your actions.

It’s knowing that your child knows you better than most because they are with you all day, everyday.


It’s realizing how thankful you are to know that the one who is actually raising your child, investing in your child, shaping your child, guiding them on figuring out this life is YOU because no earthly being could love them more than you.

It’s realizing how thankful you are to know that you have not missed these vitally important years.

Life can get so busy for all of us, BUT it is never a lesser choice to invest in your child.

And Finally…an Update Post


If feels like so much has happened since I last wrote a real blog post, but when I sit here to write about it, I’m blank. I guess that’s what happens when you spend a month in bed and/or throwing up. June and July are rather blurry. Here is what I do remember:

  • I made it through the first trimester. Wohoo! I sit here today at 15 weeks with a growing baby bump stretching my clothes. Time for maternity clothes, once I actually get some.
  • In July, once the nausea went away, I canned 21 pints of bread and butter pickles, 7 half-pints of peach jam (more like syrup, my peaches were super sweet and I didn’t add enough pectin) and 15 pints worth of strawberry peach jam (which was my own recipe and AWESOME, by the way). We are looking forward to canning green beans soon!
  • I froze 1 quart of cherries, 2 quarts of raspberries and 2 gallons of sliced peaches. We like smoothies around here. We also add our frozen fruit to our oatmeal (really nice in the winter when fruit is not in season).
  • Our garden finally took off. I took some photos on the 18th to share, but it looks so different already, I’ll try to get more tonight and share soon. We have green tomatoes which are taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R to ripen, plenty of cucumbers and yellow squash. I ended up pulling our yellow squash plants because the blasted squash bugs killed a couple and I didn’t want a repeat of last year (hundreds of the nasty buggers).
  • I finally admitted we don’t eat enough yellow squash to warrant planting them. I’m going to switch to zucchini next year, maybe one squash plant on the opposite end of the garden.
  • I spent the last part of July getting our homeschool year planned. We started on July 25th and had a great first week.
  • We had some birthday fun, some sickness and lots of catch up in July, too.
  • We got our first REAL watermelon of the season. You know, the ones with seeds. The seeds a watermelon are supposed to have to reproduce? It is not the one in the photos, I broke down and bought a seedless one because I was craving watermelon. It was ok. I’m looking forward to the Black Diamond watermelons ripening in our garden. I hear it’s like eating heaven.


I hope you are having a great summer! Tomorrow starts a brand new month. I’ll be joining in with 3 in 30 again in August, maybe this time I’ll be able to give a follow up post!

So tell me, what have you been up to?

P.S. For full disclosure I should tell you that not everything I had started and/or planned to plant got planted. I’ll update you on what is actually growing here this week. 😉

Two Lines on a Stick


How appropriate that this Monday’s gratitude post should come as we are celebrating the pending arrival of baby #4! You may have noticed the baby-heavy list from a couple weeks ago that I was getting baby fever. I’m very excited for this new addition to our family.

261.  rainy mornings

262.  sleeping in on a Monday!

263.  waking up not as sore as expected

264.  playing baseball with the kids

265.  watching the kids practice

266.  realizing early in the week that you have a lot to accomplish that week

267.  finding my favorite cereal on sale

268.  finding healthier cereals that are comparable in price to the junk we used to eat

269.  streamlining our meals

270.  seeing value in a weed


271.  seeing beauty in a weed

272.  deciding to cultivate a weed because it has value to our diet and our chickens’

273.  steps to feeding our chickens from our property only

274.  how baby steps add up to a long journey over time

275.  being excited to blog

276.  the last six weeks of our homeschool year (now complete!)

277.  realizing I will have a 3rd grader, a 2nd grader and a kindergartener next homeschool year!

A Parenting First

In the almost eight years I’ve been a parent, I haven’t had a conversation like this one until this morning with Peanut, my sweet, spitfire of a four year old.

Peanut, looking through a book and naming the girls in the pictures – “Look at this girl.  I’m going to name her Ass and invite her to my party.”

Me – “Ass isn’t really a good name.”

Peanut – “Oh.  Sarah?”

Me – “Sarah’s nice.”

Peanut smiles.

Me – “Hey, Pea.”

Peanut looks at me with a sweet smile on her face.

Me – “Ass isn’t a word we use.”

Peanut, with an innocent smirk – “Oh.  Ok.”

This is our first experience with actual curse words.  Though I’m guessing it comes more from her general making words with random sounds than anything else.  Still, it caused me quite a chuckle this morning.  Out of the mouths of babes.