Not Shooting in Manual, Just Yummy


Back in November I was testing how well my oreo cheesecake recipe froze and thawed.

So I took a picture.

You’re welcome.

It behaved beautifully, I might add.

A yummy day to you and yours, Vicki

Shooting Manual – Eddie


What? Didn’t I tell you I lost my mind a couple months ago and brought home another dog?


Meet Eddie. He’s smart. Scary smart. So smart that if he doesn’t get training, he will run around doing whatever he dang well pleases because that is what super, scary smart dogs do. Didn’t you know?

For those keeping track, that is now three dogs for us here. Someone needs to come up with a puppy-eyes vaccine. That is one shot I’ll take. Puppy-eyes joined by big, sweet blue eyes from my womb basically render me a puddle. Which is appropriate since those puppy eyes will do the same on my floor soon after being brought home.

Blessings, Vicki

Shooting Manual – Rose


I was blessed with a 50mm 1.8 lens for Christmas. Have I told you all how much I love my husband? I probably don’t need to tell you how he spoils me. Anywho.

I am so very happy with how manual exposure is starting to click with me with this lens.  I never knew what a difference a fixed focal point could make.

I am so very unhappy with my eye. Well, frustrated is more like it. I am exposing better, but since I am focusing manually, it is taking time to find my focusing eye. When you are manually focusing, you need to pay attention to the details. See the little things.

The above rose is my favorite shot so far.

Blessings to you on this day, Vicki

I Can Relate

Last spring we planted gobs of tulip bulbs. We had a few blooms last year, but figured that the real show would be this spring. So patiently I have been waiting.

Ok, so impatiently I have been waiting for those gorgeous blooms. And waiting. And waiting. You get the picture. Now I will show you a picture of my glorious tulips.

Tattered Tulip

That’s it. One lone, chicken-pecked tulip. To be honest, I was a little peeved. And then it hit me, the wondering. I thought, This must be a little like how God feels. He planted all these perfect little bulbs in good soil and what He gets is a beat up, tattered blossom from the few bulbs who burst through the dark soil into the son-light.

Suddenly, I like my lone, tattered tulip.

Tattered Tulip

Blessings, Vicki



Daffodil Bokeh




Baby Goats

Our goat Daisy had triplets this morning, two boys and a girl.





And just for giggles, here is a picture of Heart, Thomas and Cinderella. Thomas and Cinderella are five weeks old now. They are about half the size of their mama, who is on the small side.

Heart, Thomas and Cinderella

We now have seven goats, nine hens, one rooster, two ducks, two dogs, one bunny and one, possibly two, cats. Oh, and Allie and Ollie (the call ducks) seem to be nesting. So far there is one egg in their perfect little nest.

Ah, welcome, Spring!


All Things New



We are fast approaching farm status here on the acre of land God blessed us with.  Above are Heart’s kids, Thomas and Cinderella.  Daisy is due any day.  We bought a bunny this past weekend, Honey Bunny.  The call ducks seem to be a little broody.  The chickens are doing their thing, we have a blue egger now.  Ever see a blue egg?  I’ll show you sometime.

I think our male cat has run off, leaving us with just Joy.  Maggie is freshly de-wormed (nasty) and I think Izzy may be a pig.  She has gained about 20 pounds since we got her.

Garden 2010 is underway!  Seeds are started, soon to be moved to our new greenhouse.  Carrots, red romaine lettuce, gold rush lettuce, spinach, red onions, yellow onions, green bunching onions, radishes, beets and turnips are all in the ground.  We should be harvesting our first fruits as early as April 22!  The radishes take 25-30 days to mature, that is about as fast as it gets in the garden world.



The Beauty of Today

Today is one of those March days that make you realize you’re going to make it through winter after all.  Well, at least here in SE Indiana, it is.  I have some friends who live in Florida, I’m thinking that winter’s a little different there.  I’ve been itching to do some shooting searching for the beauty amidst the mud after the gorgeous snow melted.  Today did not disappoint.

First Intentional Blooms

Tender Caretaker


Hello, Sunshine!

First Blooms...

Friends Forever and Ever

I think this sunshine and I can be BFF’s forever and ever. As long as she sticks around for a while, I can only handle so much stringing along.

Wishing beauty for your day,