61 Free Maternity Sewing Tutorials

Maternity clothes can be hard to find, at least they were for me and my friends who did not want to spend a fortune. Since there are quite a few free maternity sewing tutorials floating around, I thought some DIY-minded women would appreciate a round-up of free sewing tutorials for maternity clothes and accessories.

61 Free Maternity Sewing Tutorials - A sewing tutorial round-up post.

I am also including tutorials for nursing clothing as well. If you are pregnant, I highly recommend looking into breastfeeding. My friend Trisha has a site called Breastfeeding Place with lots of information for you.

A lot of these take regular clothes and turn them into maternity clothes. If you don’t want to turn your regular wardrobe into a maternity only wardrobe, check thrift stores, Salvation Army, or Goodwill stores. You can find clothes inexpensively to modify.

Happy sewing!

Maternity Accessories

  • DIY Contoured Maternity Pillow from Homemade Toast – Designed to help a pregnant woman sleep. Need I say more?
  • Hospital gown by Design Fix – This is a modification of this free pattern. Help a tired new mama feel a little prettier than the standard hospital gown.
  • How to sew a belly band by DIY Maternity – Help your standard clothes last a little longer with this accessory.
  • Lace trimmed maternity belly bands from Made by Me & Shared with You – A fancier version of the belly band.
  • Ruffled belly band tutorial from See Kate Sew – A super cute version of the belly band.
  • Nursing sleep bra also from Made by Me & Shared with You – I had a few of these when my youngest was born and they were such a game changer. So comfortable and made night time nursing much easier.
  • DIY breastfeeding infinity scarf by Diary of a Mad Crafter – Trendy and practical? Yes, please.
  • No sew nursing top solution from DIY Maternity – This doesn’t seem to work for everyone. If you use a $2 cami from Walmart to try it out, you may find a new favorite nursing accessory or only be out $2 if you don’t.
  • How to make nursing pads from DIY Maternity – Disposable nursing pads are expensive, try some reusable ones to save some money.
  • 15 Minute Nursing Cover from Clarks Condensed – A super simple pattern that gives you a nursing cover that covers your front and your back.
  • Make your own nursing cami from The Jenson Jaunts – Another DIY nursing clothes option.
  • Maternity bow belt from See Kate Sew – This faux belt gives some definition to your shirts.
  • DIY Nursing Bra Hack from Keeping Up With Us Jones’ – I’m not sure how easy to use the closure is, but nursing bras are expensive and making do with what you have is what you have to do sometimes.
  • DIY Pumping Bra from Pretty Providence – This is a no-sew tutorial that only takes minutes.

Maternity Dresses

  • Slouchy T-Shirt Hospital Dress from Merrick’s Art – This simple pattern gives you a super comfortable option for those first few days…months…when comfort is what it is all about.
  • Two piece knit wrap nursing dress from Made by Me & Shared with You – This dress goes from maternity dress to nursing dress.
  • Make mommy happy 30 minute dress from Keeps Me in Stitches – Designed to pull together quickly, this dress tutorial does use a serger.
  • Turn about the room dress from Mad Mim at DIY Maternity – This step by step tutorial features lots of photos so you can easily see what you are supposed to be doing. The result is a super cute dress that rivals anything you could find in a store.
  • Make a sundress from A Beautiful Mess – Using pre-smocked fabric, this is about the easiest dress tutorial you can find.
  • Make a wrap dress from A Beautiful Mess – This dress reminds me of a Greek goddess statue. If you are looking for a maxi length dress, this is one for you.
  • Maternity or non maternity tapered dress by Cotton & Curls – This dress has a fun hi-low hemline, especially when used as a maternity dress, and a cute collar.
  • The perfect maternity dress revamped by Do It Yourself Divas – Using a t-shirt for the top, this dress cost the maker only $6!
  • Empire waist dress by The Cottage Home – Another option that starts with a t-shirt and knit fabric. A well done tutorial with lots of photos.
  • Tiered dress from The Sewing Rabbit – The link to the pattern/tutorial Google document is a little hard to see, but it is there beneath the second picture.
  • Birthday Kimono Dress from Elle Apparel – A flowing, forgiving dress.

Maternity Skirts

Maternity Shirts

Maternity Pants

Maternity Shorts

  • DIY maternity clothes from Sew Like My Mom – She took a pair of shorts that were too snug to button anymore and turned them into maternity shorts.
  • Maternity Shorts from Melly Sews – A free pattern is included to make these cute shorts.

Maternity Outerwear

  • How to make a wrap cardigan from DIY Maternity – This is a cute cardigan that can be worn post-baby, too.
  • Maternity Winter Coat from DIY Maternity – Another link that is not exactly a tutorial, but she does tell what pattern she used for the coat and what alterations she made to make it maternity. It is also the only maternity winter coat I could find.

Maternity Swimwear

Another Maternity Sewing Tutorial

This post has been completely updated in May 2019. Here is the original post graphic:

Free sewing tutorials and patterns for maternity - over 50 tutorials!

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial

I am so excited about today’s post. For a long time here on the blog, my top posts have been my sewing tutorial round-ups. I love sewing. I’m not the greatest in the world at it, but I love it.

I also really, really love to shop for fabric. That’s probably my favorite part of any hobby really. I love all the possibilities. I love imaging all the fabrics (beads, papers, etc.) in various projects. I think most crafters can relate to that.

Earlier this year, I sent out a reader survey to my subscribers and the one thing they wanted above all was more DIY posts, specifically sewing tutorials. I was actually quite thrilled with this…and then I blanked. Ever have that happen?

To make this long story shorter, eventually I came up with some simple tutorials that I will be sharing over the next several months. Here’s where I should tell you to subscribe via email to make sure you don’t miss any of them, but that might seem too pushy so I won’t. 😉

Let’s dive on into this fat quarter bag tutorial!

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial


  • 3 fat quarters – focal fabric, accent fabric, and lining fabric
  • thread
  • 1-3 buttons
  • iron
  • sewing machine (actually, I guess you could do this by hand…a machine is faster though)

1. Iron your fat quarters.

Fat quarter bag tutorial

2. Cut your focal fabric into a large rectangle sized 18″ x 11″ (mine pictured is 9×11 because it is folded).

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.
3. Cut your accent fabric into an 18″ x 5″ rectangle. Pin the right sides of the fabric together and stitch.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

4. Press  your seam flat.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

5. Top stitch down each side of the seam.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

6. Cut liner fabric to the same size as your joined focal and accent fabrics.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

7. Fold both rectangles with the right sides together to form a 9″ x 15″ (approximate) pouch. Stitch up both sides of each pouch. Trim the edges of the liner to be closer to the stitches.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

8. Cut a 5″ x 18″ rectangle out of your accent fabric, then cut it in half lengthwise.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

9. Fold each strip in half lengthwise and stitch along the side. Turn the tube right side out and then press flat. These are your handles.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

10. Attach your buttons on the front center your bag, approximately 1 1/2″ to 2″ from the top of the fabric.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

11. Cut a long strip of the liner fabric (1″x24″). Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and press with the iron. Fold each raw edge into the center of the fabric and press. This is a slightly tedious process, take your time. Stitch along the edge.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

12. Cut into thirds (8″) and set aside.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

13. Place your liner inside the outer fabric pouch. Be sure that the WRONG sides of the fabric are facing each other.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

14. Fold the top of each section and press.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

15. Take your narrow strips of liner fabric and make a loop. Place behind the buttons on the BACK side of your bag. These go in between the outer pouch and the liner. Pin in place.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

16. Place your handles the same as the button loops. You will put one on each the front and back of your bag. Pin these in place.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

17. Carefully stitch around the top of your bag, making sure that all your pinned items stay straight.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

18. Sew around the top of the bag again, this time closer to the edge.

Fat Quarter Bag Tutorial - A simple sewing tutorial to make a bag from three fat quarters.

19. Your bag is finished!

Little House on the Prairie

I don’t think it’s any secret around here that I love Little House on the Prairie®. I can’t tell you how excited I am that they have released a line of fabric with Andover fabrics. I jumped at the opportunity to receive a bundle of fat quarters from the line for this tutorial.

You can buy your own at a store near you. You can also enter to win a FABULOUS bundle below. It includes:

  • A fat-quarter bundle of all three Little House on the Prairie® fabric collections
  • A limited edition tote bag made of Little House on the Prairie® fabric
  • The Deluxe Remastered “Little House on the Prairie” Complete Collection DVD Set
  • “The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder” DVD
  • TheQuilting with Laura book
  • The World of Little House book

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Be sure to check out the Little House on the Prairie website for lots of Little House fun!

Beginner Sewing Resources For Adults

My top posts here on the blog are consistently the sewing tutorial round-ups. People seem to love these, but I noticed a lot of comments about learning to sew from those sharing and commenting on the posts, and in emails.

I taught a hand sewing class at our homeschool co-op a few years ago and the book I used for that could actually be used for any age. It is called Sewing School, they have a second one called Sewing School 2 that is for beginning sewing machine work. The books are written to make sewing more accessible to kids, but beginner adults can use them. It would especially be a good fit for those wanting to learn to sew alongside their children.

But if you are looking for something more specifically designed for adults, the resources I’ve gathered here are just for you. These are beginner sewing resources for adults.

Sewing Resources for Adult Beginners - Learn to sew!

Beginner Sewing Resources for Adults

The internet can be such a wonderful place when you are looking to learn something new. People everywhere are sharing their gifts and talents with others and it is quite an awesome thing. We are going to start with something a bit more tangible though.


As wonderful as the internet is, there is still a lot to be said for a physical book. It is why I spend so much time reading and putting together book lists on various subjects here. Here are five beginner sewing books for adults:


For the YouTube section here, I chose to focus on specific tutorials and projects instead of general channels. You can browse around and find LOTS of tutorials for just about anything. This is great for those who need to see something being done for it to make sense.

Sewing Basics

I found a couple good series for getting started on with sewing. The great things about these series? They are free!

Simple Projects

That’s it for today. The best advice I have for anyone wanting to learn to sew? Just do it. You will learn by doing and you will make a lot of mistakes. That is why the seam ripper was invented. You will be the best of frenemies with it. Just like I am.

But in all seriousness, I hope you find something on this list of beginner sewing resources for adults that gets you started. Sewing is fun and a great life skill to have. Give it a try!

DIY Ladybug Bunting – Simple Craft Project

If I had to sum my crafting style up in just one word, it would be simple. I love to create, but long projects are just not in my realm of realistic these days. I much prefer the crafts I can complete in one or two sittings than those I have to get out and put away multiple times.

This little DIY ladybug bunting fits that bill very well. In fact, I came up with the idea, worked out the details, actually made the bunting, and took pictures of it in less than two hours. My kind of project.

DIY Ladybug Bunting - Simple Sewing Craft

DIY Ladybug Bunting

To make your own ladybug bunting, you will need:

  • felt – red with black polka dot, black, and cream or white
  • baker’s twine
  • hand sewing needle – I used a size 18/22

DIY Ladybug Bunting - Simple Sewing Craft

  1. Cut a strip of each felt. I used these approximate widths for my strips – 2 1/2″ (red and black polka dot), 1 3/4″ (black), and 1 12/” (cream).
  2. Cut triangles out of your strips. I used 28 total triangles for my bunting – 9 red and black polka dot, 9 cream, and 10 black.
  3. Thread your needle with the twine.
  4. String your triangles together with a running stitch. You will want at least 2 stitches in each triangle. The nice thing about using a larger needle and felt is that you can just string them on one end and pull the triangles down the line with ease. Note: When you use a felt with a pattern on one side, make sure you are consistent with which side faces you as you stitch.
  5. After you have strung all your triangles, tie a knot at your last triangle corner and do one last stitch. Be sure to leave a tail (8″ is great).
  6. Straighten your triangles. Space them however close you want them and make sure they are facing the correct direction.
  7. Cut the string 8″ from the other end of your bunting. Tie a knot at the last triangle and stitch one last stitch on that end. These secure your first and last triangle from sliding off your string.
  8. Hang your bunting or wrap it up and give it as a gift!

Enjoy your DIY ladybug bunting!

DIY Ladybug Bunting - Simple Sewing Craft

Sewing Tutorials for Boys

Sewing is a great skill for both boys and girls, so I hunted down some sewing tutorials for boys. Most sewing tutorials you can find are for women, girls, and babies. Since I have a boy, I thought finding him some more boy-ish sewing tutorials would be a good thing.

Just a couple notes: these are sewing tutorials for boys to sew, but I’m sure they would make good gifts, too. The level of difficulty in these patterns range quite a bit. Some are good for hand sewing, others for beginner machine work. Use your best judgement on where your young man is when choosing a tutorial.

Sewing Tutorials for Boys from Vicki-Arnold.com

Sewing Tutorials for Boys

  • DIY Tic Tac Toe Game from Raising Memories – This is a great beginner project. Super simple instructions and few necessary materials. Hand sewing project.
  • Superhero Mask from Crazy Little Projects – A machine is used for this one and it is a bit more complicated of a project.
  • Make a Sleeping Bag for a Stuffed Animal by It’s Always Autumn- Maybe your little guy has a special buddy that would like his own sleeping bag? Machine project.
  • Ninjago Pillow Case from Crazy Little Projects – Transform a plain pillowcase into their favorite ninja. A machine project that would be good for trying a new stitch.
  • Stuffed Ninja from Cheer Up Your Kids – This could be done with a machine or by hand.
  • DIY Felt Campfire from Twin Dragonfly Designs – Hand or machine. A bit more involved because of the number of pieces, but a fun project!
  • Single Sock Dog Tutorial from Little Black Teapot – Have a decent mismatched sock floating around? Turn it into a stuffed dog. Hand or machine.
  • Shark Bag from Stitched by Crystal – A more advanced project simply. Machine.
  • Scarf with Pockets from A Girl and a Glue Gun – Another great beginner project. This would make a good first machine project.
  • How to Sew a Bookmark from Skip to My Lou – This is a great project that is all about your fabric, meaning once they make themselves a couple, they can make them for gifts and simply change out the fabric used.
  • Easy Felt iPod Case from Skip to My Lou – A good easy project for hand or machine.
  • Make a Drawstring Bag from Make and Takes – Beginner project, good for hand or machine sewing. Lots of uses for this: marbles, LEGOs, crayons, etc.

So there you have it, a short list of 12 sewing tutorials for boys. I was a bit surprised, but not really surprised that there isn’t a lot of options available for boys. Something to think about, I guess. Anywho, I hope you find something to intrigue the sewing boy in your life!

38 Free Sewing Tutorials for the Home

38 Free Sewing Tutorials for the Home | vicki-arnold.com

My sewing tutorial posts are consistently the most popular posts. It’s been a while since I have made one so it feels like I’m due. This free sewing tutorials round-up features tutorials and patterns for the home. So let’s get started!

Free Sewing Tutorials for the Home

Curtains & Valances


Home Decor

Other Practical Helps


Free Sewing Tutorials – Dresses for Little Girls

Notice! This post is currently under revision. There were a lot of broken links and they have been removed. I haven’t finished adding the new links so there are not currently 45 tutorials on the list. I will remove this notice when I am finished with the update. You can also check my Facebook page, I will share the updated list there too. Happy sewing!

Free dress tutorials for little girls. This round-up of 45 free sewing tutorials is from vicki-arnold.com

Free Dress Tutorials for Girls

You have been waiting for the next round of free sewing tutorials, haven’t you? I won’t keep you waiting any longer. This time I have rounded up free dress tutorials for little girls. My little girls love dresses. An Easter dress was the first clothing piece I sewed for my first daughter. I was so proud; strings, not-so-straight hems, and all.

Sized Dress Tutorials for Girls

Any Size Dress Tutorials

Refashioned Dress Tutorials

Tada! Forty-five FREE dress tutorials for little girls. Have fun sewing! Be sure to follow along on my Pinterest board, where I pin more tutorials as I find them, over 300 pins and counting!

DIY :: Sewing Stuff - a Pinterest board curated by vicki-arnold.com

69 Free Sewing Tutorials for Skirts!

A roundup of 69 free skirt tutorials for some sewing DIY fun!

Last time I brought you dresses for women. This time, I am bringing you a round-up of free skirt tutorials I have collected from around the web. I am organizing the list for easier reference this time because there are around eleventy thousand skirt tutorials or patterns out there. Give or take a few.

In case you wonder why my tutorial round-ups do not include photos of every skirt, I will tell you. Photos on the internet/blogs are not copyright free. They belong to the website owner/blogger. I only use a few photos from blogs that specifically state that I can do so OR I will email and ask the blogger if I can use their photo in a feature. So while including a photo of every tutorial would be great, I simply do not have the time to contact each blogger individually to do it the right way. I do hope you understand.

Maxi Skirt Tutorials

Skirt Tutorials for Knit Fabrics

Skirt Tutorials for Woven Fabrics

Skirt Tutorials for Specialty Fabrics

Maternity Skirts

Skirt Refashions

Skirt Accessories

  • Extender Slip :: iCandy Handmade – Add this lacy detail under any too short skirt.
  • Petticoat Tutorial :: Alisa Burke – This can be worn as a skirt on it’s own or used as a petticoat under a dress or skirt.

Skirts for Girls

There are 69 tutorials to get you started. Once you make your way through the list, hop over to my DIY :: Sewing Stuff board to see what other goodness I have pinned!

DIY :: Sewing Stuff - a Pinterest board curated by vicki-arnold.com