My Top 5 Favorite Jeremy Camp Songs

My Top 5 Favorite Jeremy Camp Songs

Quite a while ago, I reviewed Jeremy Camp’s memoir called I Still Believe. I loved the book so much that I bought and gave away three copies. After reading the book, certain songs of his held more meaning because the stories behind them were so moving.

Book aside, the number one reason I love Jeremy’s work is that there is no doubt who he is singing about. His work is decidedly Christ-centered and I love that. My favorite Christian songs are those that a.) worship Jesus Christ and/or b.) could be prayers. Kind of like the psalms of the Bible (my favorite book of the Bible…probably not a surprise at this point).

Today, I’d like to share my favorite Jeremy Camp songs. This is not a countdown at all because I don’t think I could pick what order I like them.

My Top 5 Favorite Jeremy Camp Songs


This falls in the heart prayer category. This is the life I desire to live, it’s also one that scares me a bit because of how I’ve seen that play out in the Bible.

My God

A declaration of faith that celebrates the resurrection of Christ and how it is only through that self-less and undeserved act that I can have hope.


This song never fails to move me to tears. Christ’s death and resurrection is such a horrible and wonderful thing that amazes me when I think about it…which should probably happen more often.

The Way

“Lift high the King of Kings and Great I Am.” Ack, I love to worship with this one.

We Must Remember

I think one of the hardest things to let go of as a Christian is the guilt and shame that comes with past sins. This is a good reminder for those dealing with that.

I hope this post blesses you as much as it did my heart while putting it together. Do you have a favorite Jeremy Camp song?