Teach Your Child to Cook – Cookbooks My 10-Year-Old Daughter Recommends

Teach your child to cook with these cookbooks recommended by my 10-year-old daughter

In our homeschool, we place a high value on teaching our kids life skills. Each of my kiddos will know how to do their laundry, take care of their living space, handle money, and feed themselves before leaving our home. My oldest daughter’s favorite is learning to cook. She loves to use one of her (many) cookbooks to make a snack or lunch. I asked her to share her favorite three cookbooks with you. So if you would like to teach your child to cook, these are a good place to start.

1. Paula Deen’s My First Cookbook

This was the first cookbook we bought her for one birthday. She has made many things from it. The recipes include illustrations for equipment needed, too. The recipes range from simple ants-on-a-log to a slightly more complicated birthday cake.

2. Batter Up Kids Delicious Desserts

This is one that my kids love to flip through and look at the fun things to make. If your child likes to create art with food, you can also check out my Let’s Play with Our Food Pinterest board for even more ideas.

3. Better Homes & Garden’s New Junior Cookbook

We actually have an older version because it was MY cookbook when I was a kid.

Short, sweet, and to-the-point, there is my daughter’s list of three cookbooks to get you started on the path to teach your child how to cook. Do you have any kid’s cookbooks that are favorites in your home?

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