Turning Your Goals Into Action

Last time I wrote about mind mapping out your goals. This time, we are going to take that map and make some plans. These plans are like the driving directions to your goals. It’s the route you plan on taking to get to your destination.


When you set your goals, you were sure to make them measurable and attainable, right? Because there is no point in setting goals that you can’t meet. Like me setting a goal to never eat chocolate again…that ain’t happening. So remember, be realistic with your goals. Yes, you want change, but you do not want to set yourself up for failure.

Now, take your mind map. Here’s mine, for reference:


Your main goal is front and center. What we want to focus on first is your very first set of branches or bubbles. In my map, they are purple with red bubbles: spiritual, hydration, supplemental, physical, environmental, and food.

Pick three to focus on first. I’m choosing spiritual, hydration, and food.

Break it down now. <–I amuse myself.

Set some goals that have to do with each focus for the month or so. I add the “or so” because, like me, you may have some goals that are going to take you several months to achieve (hello, learn to love exercise?!).

This is a good time to use the next set of bubbles (written in green and circled in teal on my map). Depending on how specific you got on your map, you may have already set your goals.

Here is the breakdown of my goals:


1. Memorize scripture – memorize Romans 14:12, Galatians 6:9, and 1 Corinthians 14:40 (these are from my list of scriptures to memorize for overcoming procrastination, by the way)

2. Pray – pray daily for God to give me a desire to accomplish my goals that outweighs my desire to stay the same


1. More h2o – drink at least two glasses of water for every cup of coffee, sweet tea, or anything non-water I drink (I’m going to track this in my food journal)


1. More veggies – find/create a meal routine that includes more veggies

2. Remove HFCS – read all labels when grocery shopping and buy no more items with HFCS in them

Reward yourself. Pick rewards that make sense. If you are quitting smoking, you don’t want to reward yourself with a cigarette. Get my point?

My reward will be a new book. And because I’m planning for success, I’m gonna be working on building my Swagbucks up to get another Amazon gift card.

Now, a gift for you. I made this little chart for you to print out to put your goals front and center, aka on the refrigerator. Just go to Flickr and download the original size (8.5″x11″):


Next time, we’ll talk about making the ONE change that you absolutely MUST do to succeed with your goals!

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