Two Chores My Children Love to Do (With Photographic Evidence)


Anytime I can get help with the housework, I try to remember to be thankful. I say try to remember because oftentimes I’ll find myself debating whether to let a child help me with something or not. I’ll mentally weigh the immediate cons (taking extra time to teach how to do job right, not having it done “perfectly” right, etc.). Finally my hubby pointed out to me that the only way the kids were going to be trained to do things is if I would actually let them participate. It was one of those “well, duh” moments.

I try to let the kids do things that they are good at naturally to help cultivate a good attitude toward the work that is needed to keep our house running smoothly. My oldest (almost 9….sniff) unloads the dishwasher and is a good general kitchen helper. My son (7 and a HALF…sniff, sniff) is a good go-getter and general helper. My current youngest (5 and a half…seriously, how does this happen?!) loves to switch the laundry and help in any possible way. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but there are two jobs they LOVE to do.

1. They love to run the vacuum. Seriously, this is super fun to them. Look at the concentration on my baby girl’s face in that photo. She takes her work seriously. Also, the vacuum is kind of heavy.

2. Washing walls. Now, I’m thinking certain members of my family may need photographic evidence of this one since it was a job we hated to do growing up. My children? They think it is the greatest thing in the world. I actually get asked if they can wash the walls. I think THAT is the greatest thing in the world. My children asking to wash their messes off the walls. 😉

What “chores” do your children love?

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  1. they make me proud!….washing walls oh my!…good job…