Waterproof Bible {a review}

Have you seen the Waterproof Bible? This is a review of it.

Today’s Mosaic Reviews review is the Waterproof Bible. I was sent a Waterproof New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs so I could review it here on the blog.

The Waterproof Bible

The Waterproof Bible is exactly what it sounds like. It is a Bible printed on 100% plastic so that water does not cause harm to the Bible. It is also tear-proof (within normal reason). It is not indestructible, temperatures above 150 degrees F “adversely affect” the material. Um, I guess I won’t be baking my Bible… Also, petroleum products can cause the ink to smear, which includes bug spray.

Regular highlighters and gel pens won’t work in this Bible, but dry highlighters, ballpoint pens, and pencils will work just fine.

The Waterproof Bible came from a heart’s desire to take God’s Word into every nation, no matter the weather conditions. This is something I admit I’ve never thought about. I agree with the mission of taking the Bible all nations and peoples, but I never thought about what weather conditions those Bibles would face. My Bibles are your standard paper Bibles that would not hold up to rain leaking through a hut roof. This Bible will do that.

And they are taking the Waterproof Bible into the nations. Currently they are partnering with donors to send Bibles to Christ School Bundibugyo in Uganda. You can read about past causes on their website.

The Waterproof Bible is published by Bardin & Marsee Publishing. It is available in the King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version, New Living Translation, and the English Standard Version. A full Bible is $44.95 and the New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is $24.95. All are available in a selection of covers and personalization is available. There is also a selection of accessories available.

You can find The Waterproof Bible on Facebook and Twitter.

My Thoughts on The Waterproof Bible

I like this. I like the size of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs version. I love that it is a King James Version. The text is on the small side, but very clear to see. It isn’t very heavy. And it’s WATERPROOF.

Waterproof means that it can go just about anywhere, like say, poolside, a nice long bath, and camping. It also means that even my littlest kid isn’t going to hurt this Bible. Unlike the one he ripped pages out of a couple days ago… 🙁

I bought a standard Bible recently, and the price is not any more than the average Bible cost. I do recommend this Bible as a great gift for those Christians who love the outdoors.

So tell me, where would you take your Waterproof Bible?

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  1. Wow, I never would have thought of this, what a neat idea!

    • It is a really neat product. I am thinking of adding them to my Christmas list for my older kids. My oldest daughter decided to start an Bible study with her cousins and I always worry that she will forget to bring her Bible back inside. I think she would like it.

  2. “My Bibles are your standard paper Bibles that would not hold up to rain leaking through a hut roof. This Bible will do that.” I really had taken dry conditions for my Bible for granted. I applaud this company for trying to help even in trying circumstances.



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