You’ve Got to be Kidding – Round One


We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of an unknown amount of goats. We bred our two does again this fall and our kids have been counting the days until BABY GOATS.  Each day our oldest treks to the barn with my hubby to see if any BABY GOATS are here.


Today she came shouting up the field announcing the arrival of two. Two precious, white (a first here) does. So we bundled up and went with her and took some pictures. I’m still trying to figure out shooting in artificial light. I like natural light, but am learning to like my photos where they are.


The kicker for us is that these precious babies did not come from the two goats we intended to breed. So we are still awaiting the birth of the BABY GOATS of the two does we were waiting on before, we were just blessed with two extras. And a double blessing it was because they are both does, more milkers. God is good.


This is Daisy, who is patiently waiting to pop. She had triplets last year and seems even bigger this year.

While not my official gratitude post this week, we are so very thankful for our goats.

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  1. How awesome! I think we’re getting to milking mammas from the Love family in a month or two! I would love to see how you do what you do! 🙂

  2. I never knew I could like goats. I am blessed that Andrew has done the milking so far. I think this year is when I’m going to have to start milking with him because we will have three to milk instead of the two.